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andronyk wedding rings

Got your engagement ring and looking for a matching band? Are you thinking about surprising your partner with an awesome ring this year? Do you love nature, science, geology, and/or space? Then you should definitely look into having a ring custom made by our sponsor Jeanie Andronyk.

Andronyk Jewelry is a fine jewelry house based in Canada. In said jewelry house, Jeanie hand-makes all her pieces (like a bad-ass), out of sustainable materials (hell yeah), and inspired by planetary geology (OMG WUT!?). Check these out…

Science-y goodness

Andronyk's recent collections are inspired by planetary geology and celestial bodies. As Jeanie beautifully put it, they are “informing the notion that love, like the depths and far reaches of space, are infinite.”

Callisto Engagement Wedding RingThe Callisto ring is named after one of Jupiter’s moons. Its sculptural rocky texture is inspired by Callisto’s planetary geology. This amazing piece can be used as both the engagement and wedding ring — shopping done! — or it can be stacked to your preference.

Elara Engagement RingNamed after another one of Jupiter's moons, the Elara ring is some straight-up engagement ring awesomeness, inspired by space and planetary geology.


andronyk recycled gold ring

In order to minimize environmental impact, Andronyk Jewelry uses 14k gold that has been recycled and purified. Jeanie also uses high quality, ethical diamonds — establishing trusted connections with amazing suppliers to ensure that she's not contributing to the blood diamond market. Andronyk also offers Moissanite, a mineral originally found in meteorites (more space-y goodness!) with nearly the same sturdiness, hardness, and sparkle as diamond.

Customization is a go

14k white gold  ring and client’s own diamonds
14k white gold ring and client’s own diamonds

Jeanie takes custom orders using rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold, and even re-purposes stones that you have already. From this quote, you can tell how much she loves doing your custom orders…

My clients have a unique aesthetic, coupled with an appreciation for unconventional beauty and are driven to express their individuality. I create striking, wearable, and sculptural artisan rings that narrate stories from other worlds. Engagement and wedding rings are my favorite pieces to make, as being a part of a couple’s story is a wonderful feeling. I will make you a ring that you will love and wear forever.

Offbeat discount WOO!


Due to an influx of orders, and the fact that rings are handmade in a small studio in Saskatchewan, Canada, there is a bit of a wait list for Andronyk awesomeness. But Jeanie is currently accepting ring orders for delivery in April 2015, and is offering a discount for our readers…

Andronyk is currently offering a 10% discount from today, until January 30th, 2015. Place your order on the website, and use the code “OFFBEATWOO“!

Strap on your jetpacks and blaze over to Andronyk's website to get your hands on and in these unconventional beauties!

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  1. I met Jeanie this past weekend at the Lovesick Expo and she was so sweet. I am super jealous of anyone who gets to wear her stuff… having seen it in person, I can say it is BEYOND GORGEOUS.

  2. I love the Elara ring! I sent it to my boyfriend with a note that it is the first ring that has taken my breath away!

  3. Oh god, I’ve been looking for geology inspired rings, these are incredible! I love the mix of rough and really classy.

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