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    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    You’re looking for a photographer who listens to what you want, your wedding is about your love and your life together, but maybe you need some input for how to express parts of that. We are here to help.

    Our mission statement is simple.  Love is love, and You are ART.  We believe that every person should experience the joy of being in front of those dearest to them, looking over at their soulmate and saying “you and me, love, FOREVER”, and have beautiful memories of that.  You want to incorporate your own way of loving each other into your wedding celebration. Maybe you want your pets to be part of the ceremony (we have NO animals we are scared of, and have photographed snakes and tarantulas, through to dogs and horses), or maybe you plan matching tattoos between your ceremony and reception, we’ve photographed that too!

    We are an LGBTQIA+ team, consisting of Non binary Bi, Cisgender, Asexual, Lesbian and Trans people  and we understand YOUR love.  Our superpower is making you comfortable in front of the camera, so you get memories that you want to look at every day, that you want to show off to everyone you meet.  We use gentle prompts and capture the genuine emotion that follows, so you don’t have to worry about feeling stiff and looking posed.  We LOVE plus size people, tattooed and pierced people, mismatched and uneven wedding parties.

    You’ll probably be dealing with me  (Carol) most before your day, because I’m in charge of the paperwork, so here’s my favourite obscure story about me.  I once rescued nearly 100 tortoises off a highway in the middle of nowhere (which doesn’t mean no traffic!).  They did NOT appreciate my effort, and I got peed on well over 50 times (tortoises pee a LOT!).

    We will all go over and above to make sure your wedding memories are perfect for you, whether it’s sitting in mud to get the perfect angle (true story), to kidnapping you both to spend some time alone (Chris is an expert at that!),  or even buying extra swords for your awesome ceremony exit (gather the bridesmaids, it’s time for the weapons test!), we will make sure you can look back and say “we did our wedding OUR way”.

    Our famous “Oh SHIT!” kit has all the bits and pieces you didn’t know you needed on the day of your wedding, from blister pads to upset tummy tablets to contact lens saline and Aerogard, it’s all here for you, just part of the service.


    Carol is amazing! So warm and friendly and such a great help on our wedding day! Carol is also super prepared for anything and everything that you may need in a last minute emergency!
    The pics of our wedding are absolutely stunning.
    Thankyou Carol for the mini boudoir shoot as part of my getting ready photos, I cannot wait to work with you again for our rock the frock session and I’ll definitely be booking a boudoir shoot… you made me feel so comfortable xxx

    Romaine - 2024

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    As a team of LGBTQIA+ people, we want to help you find your perfect support team to make your wedding perfect. If you love our style, and you are kink, alternative or in the queer community,, we have 25% off, and a huge discount on albums, just for you, just mention Off Beat Wed when you contact us. If you think we can't work with your budget, think again, you will be amazed at what we can to to ensure you have a great day and beautiful memories of it.


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