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Aww, yay! We're so excited that you're thinking of sharing your wedding story with us! Although we can't feature every submission we receive, we're honored that you want to share your wedding with us.

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First, an important note about Offbeat Wed's editorial priorities:

Since 2007, Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride) has been the place on the web where offbeat couples can see folks like THEM. We have large archives dedicated to readers who identify as…

We've also featured posts about the intersection between wedding planning and topics like…

This is all to say that while Offbeat Wed also publishes content featuring weddings with young, white, straight, able-bodied cisgender couples, we always prioritize submissions featuring folks marginalized by mainstream wedding media.

That in mind, here's how to submit a wedding:

Wedding submissions from readers:

While we can't feature every wedding that's submitted, we love seeing every single one! Remember that Offbeat Wed always prioritizes real weddings featuring folks who identify as BIPOCDisabled, Neurodivergent, LGBTQA, Polyamorous, Genderqueer & nonbinary, Over 40… or otherwise ignored by the mainstream wedding media. Fill out the form with a few details, and share a link to your pictures (make sure your photographer is ok with it!):

Reader submission form

Submissions from vendors:

NOTE: Currently, we only accept submissions from members of the curated Offbeat Wed vendor guide. We'd love to get you in there: here's how to get listed.

If you're a member of our vendor community, feel free to submit your client's wedding or a styled shoot. When you're featured on the blog, your vendor listing will be crosslinked!

Vendor submission form

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How to submit a general interest post:

Here's the kind of stuff we're into these days:

  • Wedding scripts! Share your ceremony wording, or just your vows.
  • Proposal stories or creative engagement shoots
  • Constructive, positive first-person perspectives about dealing with the challenges of wedding planning
  • Perspectives from folks who are part of marginalized communities who don't see themselves represented enough in mainstream wedding media.
  • DIY posts: how you made it!
  • PS to my wedding vendor friends: We do not do “link trades” for posts written by vendors for businesses. If you'd like to promote a business or product to Offbeat Wed's readers, join us as a sponsor.

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Submission disclaimer

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  • We can't publish every submission. Please don't take it personally — there are lots of factors that go into how we choose content to feature, and none of it has to do with how awesome you are.

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