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  • Now, the fun stuff!

    Here's where you get to tell us all about your wedding!
  • Was there a theme to your wedding? What was the general gist?
  • We especially want to READ YOUR VOWS!! Or hell: share your ENTIRE CEREMONY SCRIPT!! Seriously, we are really REALLY into this part. Tell us everything! TELL US EVERYTHING!!!
  • What activities did your guests do? Got any funny stories or ideas to steal?
  • What was your biggest wedding planning challenge, and how did you overcome it? What advice would you like to impart to Offbeat Wed readers? Anything else you want to share?
  • Please follow this general format for your vendor list (including Instagram usernames is great!!)
    Photographer: Jane Smith Photo @janesmith
    Dress: ABC Boutique @abc
    Venue: XYZ Vineyards @xyz

    PEOPLE ESPECIALLY WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR ONLINE VENDORS -- if you bought your clothes or jewelry online, share!!
  • On Offbeat Wed, we tag posts with identity descriptors like "nonbinary" or "neurodivergent" to help readers navigate the site and find content that relates to them. If one of these identities figured into your wedding planning and is something you talk about in the profile, do you want to apply any of these identity tags to you, your partner, or your wedding?
  • If none of the tags above describe you, your partner, or wedding, enter your own tags!