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We’ve written a lot about diamond rings over the years, including how to deal with jealousy and concerns about the ethics of diamond rings. Ooh, and if you want to go straight to the source, check out a few of our very favorite diamond engagement rings, vintage rings, wedding bands, eco-friendly fine jewelry, and custom styles right here.

opal pear shaped unique engagement ring on offbeat bride alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Unique engagement ring trends for offbeat soonlyweds

Part of how Offbeat Wed is able to stay online is what’s known as affiliate sales. This means that when we feature a product on the site, if you click the link, we get a small percentage of products you buy. We can’t see who buys what, but we CAN see which products get purchased… and we LOVE seeing what’s trending with Offbeat Bride readers!

These are the most popular engagement rings with Offbeat Bride readers this. Do you see yours?

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5 ways younger millennials & Gen Z are changing the wedding game

A few things we know about the next generations of couples: they’re getting married later in life, deeply fear divorce, are less apprehensive about prenups, and are changing the wedding game in a lot more ways than just adding social media tags to their photos. Millennials and Generation Z (those born between the mid-’80s and 2000) are shaking up traditions in mindful ways that make a lot of sense. From microweddings to lab-created diamonds, let’s see what changes we’ll see in the coming decade…

Coffingems coffin wedding ring seen on offbeat bride 4 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

PEAK HALLOWEDDING: When you propose with a coffin ring at a pumpkin patch

Some of you may remember Laurie and Andrew’s moody halloween wedding which featured a ton of classy but macabre morbid details, complete with the bride and groom driving off in a hearse. But wait, did you notice that ring Laurie’s wearing? Did you think to yourself, hey wait a minute — is that a FREAKING COFFIN RING!?

15 of the most extra and RAD engagement rings we've ever seen

15 of the most extra and RAD engagement rings we’ve ever seen

If you’re a regular around here, you’ve probably already seen some of the truly unique and dazzling rings that our partners at Joseph Jewelry have custom created for readers. They’re wizards of translating your weirdest, wildest, or most personal ring concepts into reality. So we LOVE featuring new custom engagement rings that they’ve dreamed up with their clients to inspire you. Here are a few of the MOST rad we’ve seen…

Rainbows, matching, & gender unicorns: how LGBTQ couples are customizing their wedding rings

Rainbows & gender unicorns: how LGBTQ wedding rings change the rules

When it comes to buying rings for weddings, LGBTQ couples are throwing out the traditions that bind them to form their own paths in ringdom. Whether you propose to each other, have matching bands, eschew rings altogether in favor of another kind of jewelry, the options for rings that represent your identity are quite literally endless. I spoke with one of our favorite custom ring creators, Joseph Jewelry, to see what trends and ideas they’ve been seeing in wedding jewelry that allows for more expression of who you love, what your gender is, and how you want to communicate that to world.

How my partner & I ended up down the rabbit hole of rad alternative wedding rings

How my partner & I ended up down the rabbit hole of rad alternative wedding rings

As some of you may know, I’m currently engaged and we’re juuuuust at the point where we both have to start committing to wedding bands. In our searches, I just kept coming back to one of our partners, Revolution Jewelry, since their selection is SO huge. My partner really didn’t know that there were options other than a plain metal band, so when he saw what was actually out there… it was game on.