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space astrology themed wedding 2 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

A celestial wedding with an astrology-based seating chart

Behold Alli and Raine’s celestial wedding! Stars, space, and astrology are symbolic to them and they made sure to include all of these in their wedding décor. The reception room had balloons, streamers, and table décor reflecting the theme. The seating chart was astrology based, and each table had a different sign… so if you were a Scorpio, you sat at the Scorpio table!

Vintage Star Wars Natalie Ryan 30 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

A love that holds the universe together: sci-fi wedding vows

“I promise to love you in crisis and abundance the way I love New York City: with patience, respect, grit, and an eye for the mysterious and unexpectedly beautiful. My love for you is like the gravity holding the universe together: steadfast, unceasing, and constant until the end of my days. Our foundation is firm, our orbit is stable, and the Force is with us.”

Vintage Star Wars Natalie Ryan 46 e1704147085225 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

This couple went back to school for their celestial sci-fi wedding

Natalie and Ryan first met in film class at the University of Colorado – so it only makes sense that 15 years later, this alumni couple would return to seal the deal! Back in school, they had bonded over a shared love of Star Wars and all things film. So for the big day, they wanted a sci-fi wedding with starry ties, alien worlds, and Star Wars-themed cornhole!

DIY planet centerpieces earth alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

DIY planet centerpieces for your space wedding theme

This bride DIYed her glass planet centerpieces for their space-themed wedding! Many space enthusiasts thought these non-floral centerpieces were simply out of this world! If a planet centerpiece is a must-have at your space wedding, you’ll want to read Mel’s step by step breakdown. Let’s go!

This meet-cute story turned galaxy wedding is truly our moon and stars

This meet-cute story turned galaxy wedding is truly our moon and stars

Jacqueline and William’s moon and stars-themed wedding sent us into the galaxy when we saw it. But their meet-cute story is on a whole other level. Just wait until you hear how her galaxy dress went from conversation starter to fab wedding garb. Hear the story straight from this gorgeous bride (the owner of Pinup Pixie Boutique, the first black-owned pinup boutique in Louisiana, by the way!).


Crowns, pink flowers, & the cosmos at this Space Center wedding

Jay and Rick described their Chabot Space Center wedding style as modern, edgy, and glam and I couldn’t love it more. Jay wanted to include a few nontraditional elements to capture who they are like her flower ring instead of a bouquet and a bad-ass crown made by her friend. The ceremony was also very customized and included the Quaker tradition of sitting in silence and waiting to be moved to speak. Don’t miss AMAZING fashion (featuring epic ink), ceremony space to die for, and pops of pinks and reds that make everything have warm vibes…