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    Make your wedding bands truly one-of-a-kind when you create them by hand in our studio. No experience is necessary.  You’ll be amazed at what you can create.

    You'll design and fabricate your rings one-on-one with me – goldsmith Janeane Karbassi. I am a master goldsmith and have extensive experience working with couples to create their bands.  We can work in any karat or color of gold and can add personal touches like engraving and stone setting.


    We'll meet either in person or via Zoom to discuss the exact specifications of the rings you want to create. You'll know exactly what your rings will look like before coming in to the workshop.  There are all kinds of beautiful designs we can create.

    Then, we'll start to fabricate. This is the fun part!  It’s just you, me, and the jeweler’s bench.  I has extensive teaching experience and will be guiding you through the process.  We’ll even have some snacks and a little bubbly to celebrate. The entire process takes about 4 hours and most couples leave with finished rings.

    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    The studio is LGBTQIA+ friendly and inclusive.  I have worked with dozens of couples in all kinds of traditional and non-traditional partnerships.  I love creating a truly unique atmosphere for each group. Over the course of 4 hours we really get to know one another and I love hearing all of the individual and beautiful stories that bring people together.

    No partnership is alike and your experience and rings should reflect that! From our initial meetings until the workshop itself, I pride myself on really listening and getting to know each person who comes into the studio.  Expect a professional and creative atmosphere that encourages you to be yourselves, have a blast, and create something completely your own.

    Words cannot begin to describe how amazing this experience was! We will truly never forget it. My fiancé and I created my wedding band with the help of Janeane and we couldn’t be happier. The ring is perfect; it’s even better than what I’d previously tried on in brand-name stores! Janeane is very encouraging and kind, and is extremely talented and knowledgeable when it comes to her profession. Every time we had a break in the process we found ourselves laughing and just having an all-around good time. I highly recommend this experience!

    I love working with non-traditional people with non-traditional ideas! I'm always happy to set up a consultation to get to know each other better - no charge!

    Examples of my work

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