DIY Companion Cube ring box for under $10

Guest post by Gennifer

P1060151-2My future husband and I love playing video games together and Portal is a favorite (even though he's better at it than me). I saw this post on Geekologie and fell in love with the idea of a Companion Cube ring box for our wedding.

I searched online and couldn't find anything like this for under $50, so we decided to make our own. This is how we pulled it off…


  • $1 wooden box from a craft store
  • $2 gray and pink paint
  • $1.50 velvet skirt from Goodwill
  • Foam
  • Mod Podge

How we made it

  1. My future husband drew out the pattern on the box and painted the whole thing.
  2. Then we coated it with some Mod Podge.
  3. We cut the foam to fit and cut the ring slits.
  4. We glued the velvet and let it dry completely before putting the rings in.

And it turned out AMAZING!

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  1. This is genius! AND it could be easily adapted to any style of ring box, really. Woot!

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