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We love cute and affordable ring pillow ideas, but we’re also HUGE fans of ring pillow alternatives like books, birds nests, ukelele cases, and floating sharks. Yeah, we said floating sharks.

proposal ring box geode ring alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

21 unique proposal ring boxes that make it WAY harder to say no

Whether you’re planning to propose to your partner who loves D&D, Harry Potter, and Star Wars or your partner who loves rustic wood details and geometric designs, there’s a proposal ring box here for you. And the best part? You can shift this proposal box into a ring box for your ceremony! It’s a two-fer.

Don’t miss the capybara(!) ring box, the blooming flower pop-up box, the seashell box, the acorn box, and the DRAGON EGG box…

dog of honor alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Your dog of honor just might need this dapper pupper formal wear

Okay, so maybe you need a sweet little outfit for your own dog of honor, or maybe you just need a pick-me-up that isn’t political news. Either way, this is the big ol’ roundup of flashy, dapper, and downright adorable dog formal wear that you need in your life. We found flower crowns, tweed jackets, brocade dresses, glittery tailcoats, fluffy tutus, and even a dragon costume for your fantasy wedding. It’s all doggie sweetness and light and oh happy times. Take that mental break and get to clicking…

Lord of the Rings pillow ring book

Let this Lord of the Rings ring book carry the burden of the one ring for you

We know there’s only one ring to rule them all at your wedding (or I guess two, probably). The ring pillow for your fantasy wedding had better live up to the theme, right? If you’re a Tolkien fan like I am, this Lord of the Rings ring pillow will bind you to your fellowship of two like nothing else. Plus, have you seen how cute it looks with a tiny hobbit ring bearer…?

These are the weirdest and best Halloween wedding items we could find

These are the weirdest and coolest Halloween wedding items we could find

This is Halloween, ya’ll, so we went on the hunt for the weirdest, most awesome, most unexpected, and coolest Halloween wedding items we could find on the interwebs. We’ve got weird hats, pumpkin teeth for all those carved pumpkins, skeleton body suits, black diamond fang rings, Halloween movie items, Halloween favor ideas… it’s wild up in here.

If you’re stocking up for your Halloween wedding next year or just need some killer decor for your house, this list will be your jam. Let’s go shopping, witches.

harry potter ring book alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Book safes, ring holders, and more: Discover the hidden awesomeness of Secret Safe Books

You know the only thing better than a good book? A good book that can hide a flask… or a secret message… or your wedding rings! Luckily, our sponsor Secret Safe Books thinks the exact same way that I do. They make and sell hollowed-out books for all your goodies — handcrafted with trusty scroll saws, professional book-binding glue, and a whole lot of love.

wedding ring pops alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Safeguard your rings by substituting Ring Pops

If you’re entrusting expensive wedding rings to a little tyke for the big walk to the ceremony, you might be concerned — especially if your ring bearer is extra young. You never know what crevices could be found in a short walk at tiny-tot level. A way to let your ring bearer have a role in the wedding party and keep your rings safe with an adult is to take a leaf from Anna and Tom’s book: use Ring Pops!