Safeguard your rings by substituting Ring Pops

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 | Photography by Larry Brunt
Ring-Pop Pillow

If you're entrusting expensive wedding rings to a little tyke for the big walk to the ceremony, you might be concerned — especially if your ring bearer is extra young. You never know what crevices could be found in a short walk at tiny-tot level. A way to let your ring bearer (or ring bear) have a role in the wedding party and keep your rings safe with an adult is to take a leaf from Anna and Tom's book: use Ring Pops!

Reasons this is awesome:

  1. It looks adorable
  2. Your rings are safer
  3. The worst that could happen is that they get eaten before you can get to them!

Just make sure it doesn't all end up like this. Check out more colorful details at Anna and Tom's rainbow wedding.

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Comments on Safeguard your rings by substituting Ring Pops

  1. My life is better now that I’ve seen that video. Why has that never been brought to my attention?!

  2. My husband I had already been married for a few months when we had our ‘formal’ wedding party. We used ring pops as a) I love them and b) we wanted something a little silly to liven up our ceremony. The whole crowd laughed as our best man struggled to open the packages and they worked perfectly. A note to not succumb to their delicious ways and lick said ring pop as it then turns in to a glue stick on your hand. Mine stuck to my dress a couple of times during pictures and so it quickly got tossed.

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