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Alternative Wedding Ceremony Ideas & Examples

We’ve got SO much wedding ceremony advice like how to officiate a wedding, tons of wedding ceremony readings, a bazillion wedding ceremony scripts, and even wedding vow examples! We’ve also got info about handfasting and other unity ceremonies. You’ll want to start here: Wedding Ceremony 101.

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These superhero wedding vows include a unity snack mix ceremony!

Last week we featured a comic book wedding that had it all: Pizza! Spiderman! Rickrolling down the aisle! Now it’s time for the rest of the story – here are their complete superhero wedding vows, full of superheroes, scifi, nerd culture refs, and a unity snack mix ceremony!

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Come travel with me: Walt Whitman wedding reading (+ quotes for vows!)

If travel is important to you and your partner, let these Walt Whitman wedding vows inspire you. These vows include excerpts from the Walt Whitman poem “Song of the Open Road,” plus a reading that’s a mashup of both “Song of the Open Road” and Whitman’s “Song of Myself.”

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Offbeat Christian wedding vows for a gothic winter wedding

“Your thoughtful heart, generous soul, and endless patience for my bathroom humor is unmatched. You never cease to remind me of my place in your heart and your life. You continue to give me space to grow, share my story, be authentic, and feel all my emotions to their fullest. Becoming your wife is a joy but becoming one with you is really the honor.”

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The joy in simply existing: wedding vow ideas from two fanfic writers

“I love how much joy you find in every day experiences, whether it’s snuggling the cats, going for a walk, or singing along with the themes to our favorite TV shows. You’ve reminded me that there’s joy in simply existing, no matter the circumstance.”

A quirky rooftop elopement in Las Vegas (with special guest Chewbacca!)

11 expert tips on how to perform and officiate your first wedding

Congratulations, you’ve been asked to officiate a wedding ceremony for a loved one! Preparing to officiate your first wedding can be daunting, but we’ve got expert tips covering “What do you say as a wedding officiant?” to “What do I even wear?” Let’s get your ready to perform and officiate your first wedding!

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Beautiful non-traditional wedding vows between an Elf and her Ranger

Melanie and Eric’s Middle Earth fantasy wedding was fantastic enough, but their vows tell the rest of the story. Bonus: pictures from their equally epic engagement at Breitenbach Castle!