Let this Lord of the Rings ring book carry the burden of the one ring for you

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 | Photography by Fireheart Photography

We know there's only one ring to rule them all at your wedding (or I guess two, probably). The ring pillow/book for your fantasy wedding had better live up to the theme, right? If you're a Tolkien fan like I am, this Lord of the Rings ring book will bind you to your fellowship of two like nothing else.

Plus, have you seen how cute it looks with a tiny hobbit ring bearer…?

Lord of the Rings pillow ring book

A wee little Frodo carrying your ring to Mordor! Which means that your ceremony is Mordor? Naaah.

Shanon and Brandon's Lord of the Rings meets Harry Potter wedding featured this adorableness and I seriously can't get enough.

If you still need a nerdtastic ring pillow or book, you can snag your own Lord of the Rings ring pillow for your own ONE RING right here. The best part? It can sit on your couch as a regular pillow when the wedding's over. Bonus!

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