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If you’re looking for wedding decoration ideas, we’ve got everything from geeky centerpieces to unique ways to use balloons and paper lanterns, to escort cards and SO MUCH MORE OMG. If you’re looking for tutorials, be sure to check our wedding decoration DIY archive.

temu halloween wedding decor TN alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

My honest review of Halloween wedding decor from Temu

Considering purchasing Temu Halloween wedding decor? We tested out Temu’s Halloween stuff to see how they’d fare as wedding centerpieces, table decorations, and more! Were they worth it? Here’s our honest opinion, plus a few tips to consider if you’re thinking of purchasing from Temu!

A greenery filled Tanzanian-inspired Northern Michigan wedding

8 ways to rock your wedding greenery

Wedding greenery can give you a lush look with a skinny price. You may be surprised by how many places it’ll work — illustrated with gorgeous photos from our community.

Did you know you can make your wedding vows into artwork?

Turn your sweet & funny wedding vows into artwork

If you’re writing your own custom wedding vows, you know how much time and effort they can take. You can totally immortalize your words with some wedding vows artwork to make sure all your hard work is saved forever. I saw a few gorgeous and simple ones that can come all framed and ready from Minted that I wanted to share.

Let’s see how you can turn your hard work into art on your walls…

Wedding date keepsake: ways to trap your wedding day in time forever (and in your home!)

10 ways to freeze your wedding day in time forever (and in your home!)

If you want to nab yourself something meaningful to remember your wedding date, quell those post-wedding blues, or need a gift for someone newly married (or celebrating an anniversary!), this is the roundup for you. I’ve spied a whole bunch of funny, sentimental, and truly stunning pieces of art to gift (or better, keep for yourself!). From celestial star maps to embroidery to custom illustrations, something here might just be your cup of tea.

Bonus: you’ll never forget your anniversary date when it’s right there on the wall! Let’s get to the gifting…

How wedding string lights can make photo magic at your wedding

10 ways wedding string lights can make photo magic

Outdoor wedding that needs lighting? Cafe lights. Indoor wedding that needs some glow? String lights. Ceremony backdrop that needs style? Hanging vertical lights. Photo booth that needs flattering lighting? ALL OF THE ABOVE. Wedding string lights are nothing new, this we know, but when you’re going for simple style without a ton of fuss, string lights and cafe lights can make the decor.

Here are some of my favorite times wedding string lights made photo magic…

Be entranced by this mystical spell book-inspired guest book wedding album

Be entranced by this mystical spell book-inspired guest book wedding album

Fantastic guests and where to find them… inside this spell book-inspired photo guest book! If you summoned a Harry Potter-inspired photo album, how would it look? Well here’s how I envisioned it with Rowlingesque detail. Don’t miss the student-written notes, illustrations, and stunning details.

It’s magical!