My honest review of Halloween wedding decor from Temu

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I tested out these Temu Halloween decorations to see if they'd work for a spooky wedding!

Everyone's talking about Temu! If you're new to the Temu party, the TLDR is that it's a new app selling products that are supposed to be way cheaper than Amazon. We did a deep dive to see if Temu wedding decor was an option and discovered that it's a great place to buy small things in bulk. So, I took the plunge and bought a bunch of Temu Halloween decor that I thought could double as Halloween wedding decor or Halloween wedding centerpieces!

Although our wedding was a few years ago, I thought this would be a great excuse to finally purchase Halloween decor. My partner is an October baby and LOVES all things Halloween-y, especially the home decorating part. As an early birthday surprise to him, I decided to start decorating the house for Halloween in early September…so long as we could keep the decorations up through November. I also thought these Temu Halloween decorations could easily be repurposed for Halloween wedding decor and wanted to give it a try on behalf of our Offbeat Wed readers having a Halloween wedding.

I decorated our mantel with mostly Temu Halloween decor. It looks even spookier with the lights off!

Wait, I heard some not-so-great things about Temu…

Offbeat Wed has had conversations about buying cheaper products from China for decades. At the end of the day, each individual gets to decide where their consumer values align. If you have the money to avoid buying from big box stores or offshore-vendors, that's wonderful! And if shopping from places like Temu helps you align with your wedding goals, that's great too! We like to give options for every marrier at Offbeat Wed, but ultimately, you're in control of where your money goes.

Let's see the Temu Halloween wedding decor I bought…

I'll include my reviews of the products, as well as tips I learned from purchasing Halloween wedding decor from Temu!

Crow Candlestick Holder

It comes as pictured! I think it'd look cute as part of a Halloween wedding centerpiece or placed next to a wedding sign. It says it's made with resin, but I feel like this was 3D-printed lightweight plastic. I didn't mind, though! I tested it out with this faux candlestick and learned I needed to stuff the hole with a bit of bubblewrap to get the candlestick to fit. I definitely believe the the problem was probably my candlestick, and not the holder itself. The owl version was a bit different, though…

5/5 Edgar Allen Poes

Owl Candlestick Holder

Something I learned with this particular candlestick holder is that when inserting the candlestick, try not to press too hard to get it to fit. It'll bust through the bottom. The owl candlestick holder was still able to hold the faux candlestick, but I don't think I'd ever put an actual flame candle in this thing. If you accidentally do bust through the bottom, you can skip the candle and use it as a makeshift vase for some faux florals instead (I don't trust the plastic to hold water without leaking everywhere).

3/5 Hoots

Spider Web Mantel Cover

This spider web cover came as pictured! I put it over my fireplace, but you could also use it as Halloween wedding decor for a long table. Ooh, imagine it framing a spooky-themed head table!

5/5 Spiders approve this message

Gothic Cathedral Windows (3 pieces)

I definitely had a LMFAO moment when I opened this up. The picture on the left made these gothic cathedral windows seem big. The picture on the right is what I got. When I looked back on the site, I saw that the seller did include pictures of the actual scale with the measurements, so I should have expected them to be small. But in that case, why have a misleading picture (the one on the left) posted? Anyway, these are lightweight and work as actual mirrors! They're perfect for gothic Halloween wedding decor. I can see these at a guest book table. They're also light enough to tape onto a wall with Command hanging tape. I have them propped up on my mantel leaning against the wall and added a cool faux animal skull (also from Temu) and crystals to create some interesting visuals in the reflection!

4/5 Goths would recommend

Faux Spooky Apple Branch

I got the apples to put above my china cabinet. The seller has different fruits too! As you can see, there are some white spots on the branches which probably need a brown permanent marker to cover up. Otherwise, it's pretty sturdy and the branches are flexible enough to be manipulated into whatever formation you need! This could make a great filler piece for a large floral installation at a Halloween wedding.

4/5 Poisonous apples

Glass candlestick holders that I thought were vases…

The description claims they can be candle holders and vases, but unless you put really short-stemmed florals in there, they're best used as candle holders. The opening for the “vase” goes as far as the first divot. You'll see in the middle folder I added some dried florals but I had to cut the stems short. They're great for candles, though! And they come in various gorgeous colors, shapes, and heights. Typically individual candle holders like this run for $10-$20+ bucks. It would be fun to group different shapes of these together for a funky wedding decor look.

4/5 Funky Candlestick Holders

Resin Goat Skull Head Wall Hanging Decor

This is my favorite purchase! Animal skulls have always fascinated me, but not enough to buy a real one. Now I can have a fake goat skull instead! There's a hole in the back so you can easily hang it on a wall. If spooky cabinet of curios vibes is your aesthetic, you can use this Halloween wedding decor long after the celebration!

5/5 Cool goat skulls approve!

Flower Crown Skull Vase

Unlike the glass vases, this is actually a vase and not a candlestick holder. Unfortunately, it's not a great vase if you need to fill it with water, you know, the primary qualification for a vase. I filled it up and noticed the water drips out the bottom. But I did add dried florals to it, and I think it's giving spooky chic boho vibes! The material is a heavier plastic and feels sturdy, so it could definitely be used in some capacity for Halloween wedding decor. If you don't want to add dried or faux florals, perhaps use it to hold pencils for your guest book? Or maybe fill it with candy if you're having your wedding on October 31st!

4/5 Skeletons

Faux Persimmon Branches

Is this an Asian thing or a Halloween thing? I dunno, but persimmon is a totally underrated fall fruit. I've always loved how some goth weddings would incorporate fruits like pomegranates and apples into their decor! It adds a sultry pop of color against a predominantly dark background. I tried out this branch of persimmons, but unfortunately they didn't hold up as well as the apple branch did. They look good from far away, but as you get closer, it's apparent they're dinged up. One even popped off. I don't think this would fare well if you're trying to manipulate it too much.

0/5 Underrated fall fruits

Vintage Glass Candlestick Holder

I know, I know, I bought a lot of candlestick holders! But I LOVE this one! I bought it in green, but it comes in black too. These would be the perfect Halloween wedding decor for a vintage, 20's-themed goth wedding. I'd pair this with other candle holders of different sizes! If you don't want to drop hundreds of dollars on vintage candle holders at your local vintage or thrift store, this could be a budget-friendly option.

5/5 Vintage trinkets approved

A few tips for buying Halloween wedding decor from Temu

1) Read the reviews!

If there are pictures in the reviews, even better.

2) Order EARLY.

Temu products are cheap, but the catch is that they take longer to arrive. I read that some Temu users received their products in a month, but I received mine fairly quickly (about 1-2 weeks). In any case, I wouldn't put off purchasing things at the last minute

3) Use Klarna or another “buy now pay later” service

There were some online articles about Temu users who were convinced their credit card information was being sold on the dark web after purchasing from Temu. There were also multiple conversations about foreign online privacy policies. I don't know how true any of those are, and have not seen any concrete evidence from news sources I trust on this matter. But, I decided not to risk it for the biscuit and, thanks to a suggestion from a helpful Temu user, opted to use Klarna instead just to be safe.

4) Temu is best for buying small things in bulk

As someone who has planned a budget-savvy wedding before, line items that consist of “bulk” buys, such as favors or matching centerpiece materials, are the easiest places to reduce wedding costs. These items won't affect your wedding experience significantly, so you can afford to buy them at a lower quality. Plus, the way I see it, guests won't look at these items in detail and will probably take one overall glance and think “Oh, that gift table with the skull vases looks nice.” Therefore, I think it's ok if these products are on the cheaper side.

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