A Pagan wedding guide: vows, ceremony scripts, dresses, and more!

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An Autumn witch lesbian wedding with tarot, tattoos, and beer
From this autumn witch lesbian pagan wedding, Photos by John & Cara Stephens

So you're having a Pagan wedding! Though the internet might still be lacking in the Pagan wedding department, Offbeat Wed's been a go-to source on them since the Middle Ages (ok, the early 2000s). We've shared everything you need to know about Pagan weddings, how to be a guest at a Pagan wedding, and real Pagan weddings! If you search the term Pagan on our blog, there's no shortage of information on how to plan a Pagan wedding.

We're putting all of our favorite Pagan wedding resources in one place! Think of it as your essential internet guide to all things Pagan. We'll talk Pagan wedding traditions, Pagan wedding scripts for ceremonies, Pagan wedding vows, and of course, Pagan wedding dresses and wardrobe.

Pagan wedding traditions

Circles and Sacred Spaces: Pagan wedding ceremonies often involve casting a sacred circle, which is believed to create a space between the mundane world and the spiritual realm. This circle is a symbolic boundary where the ceremony takes place. It's Pagan wedding tradition to mark the circle with stones, candles, or other natural objects.

Elements and Directions: Pagan wedding traditions often include the recognition of the four classical elements (earth, air, fire, water) and the four cardinal directions (north, east, south, west). These elements and directions may be invoked or represented during the ceremony.

From this Los Angelos Pagan wedding:

Before entering the spiral, guests were given a cleansing smoke bath of burning sage and handed an amethyst stone to bless with their good wishes. From there, the ceremony included a tribute to the four directions

From Kate and Danyal's Pagan wedding

Handfasting: Handfasting is a common Pagan wedding tradition where the couple's hands are bound together with cords or ribbons, symbolizing their union and commitment to each other. This practice is the origin of the phrase “tying the knot.”

Samhain Memorial Altar: The memorial altar is a focal point for honoring and remembering deceased loved ones, ancestors, and other spirits during this time. This Pagan wedding tradition is way to pay tribute to those who have passed away and to create a connection between the living and the dead. The items placed on the altar often have symbolic significance and are chosen to represent the spirits being honored. A few things we've seen our readers have placed on their altas include crystals and stones, water and mirrors, divination tools such as tarot cards, or elements of the autumn season like leaves, gourds, and pumpkins.

As practicing Pagans, we also incorporated many elements of our spirituality, such as tarot readers at the reception and a Samhain memorial altar.

From Bethany and Kate's autumn witch lesbian wedding with tarot and beer

Pagan wedding ceremony scripts & Pagan wedding vows

Looking for a Pagan wedding script to inspire your ceremony? Or perhaps you need to see an example of how to incorporate Pagan wedding vows? We've got dozens of scripts from real Pagan weddings to help get your writing mojo going. Here are a few of our favorites:

Pagan wedding vows from ancient faiths

We found excerpts of ancient readings from all over the world that would be PERFECT for Pagan wedding vows!

Halloween Pagan wedding ceremony script with a handfasting

These cords will now be tied around your hands as a physical representation of the decision you make to bind together your lives. As I call upon an element, each party member will approach and drape their cord across your hands.

Read more from this Halloween handfasting Pagan wedding ceremony script

A stealthy Pagan wedding ceremony reading

Want to incorporate Paganism into your wedding ceremony without excluding your Christian guests? This reading shows you how!

We ended up using a rather long quote from The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk to both cast our circle and open the ceremony — it acknowledges religion and belief, with a bent towards the elements, without hitting anyone over the head with it. My Catholic sister tied our handfasting cord, and I think a general acknowledgment of belief, rather than religion, really helped grease the wheels.

Read more from this stealthy Pagan wedding ceremony reading

A Pagan wedding ceremony script with gender-neutral language

Looking for a Pagan wedding ceremony script that's also gender-neutral? We've got those! This one includes Pagan and Norse traditions, references to Doctor Who, Stranger In A Strange Land, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and Tom Robbins, and more.

Hail, Frigg. Mother of Gods, High Wife of Asgard, Mistress of marriage, I ask that you join this rite. With love stretched across your loom, you have woven the wyrd of these two souls together. May they be held together by divine appointment and divine love. May you protect their union, as you protect your home and hearth. May you heal their future strife, as you heal the wounds of warriors. We thank you for bringing Wren and Ash together. May your love be expressed through them now, and always. So Mote it Be.

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pagan polyamorous bisexual wedding on offbeat bride 50 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Photos by D&R Photography from this polyamorous pagan wedding ceremony script

A Pagan wedding ceremony script with a land blessing

An Offbeat Wed reader shared their Pagan handfasting ritual It includes introducing the handfasting ritual which included a reading, jumping the broom (which is called a besom) pledges from family and friends, a ring-warming ceremony, and more!

I call upon the land of Raven's Knoll
The mysterious ways of the Bonnechere River,
Mysterious as the shadows of Mirkwood
Shadowed as the depths of the swamp
Deep as the waters of the sacred well

Read more from this Pagan wedding ceremony script with a blessing and handfasting

Write your own Pagan wedding ceremony script and vows

If only there was a comprehensive and thorough guide to creating a ceremony script…Oh, wait! The Offbeat Wed Officiant Pack is your guide to creating a unique ceremony from scratch. There's even a section that guides you through creating your vows! So you can add your Pagan wedding elements in, merged with whatever the heck else you want in there.

P.S. If you have someone special who you want to officiate your Pagan wedding, this is the perfect “proposal” gift for them!

Let's see the Pagan wedding dresses!

Let the record show that Pagan wedding dress or Pagan wedding wardrobe can be anything you want. After all, what you wear doesn't determine how Pagan your wedding is! But here are a few options for those who love a theme.

goth wedding dress on offbeat wed alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Who says Pagan wedding dresses can't have a pop of florals? Black lace goth wedding gown with an open back by Fanfaronada

We're starting with black wedding dresses and outfits!

If you're into color meanings and energies, you'll be delighted to learn that black is associated with protection and can be used to ward off any negative vibes that may come your way.

Two piece Pagan wedding dress with a black and grey ombre skirt

This ombre tulle skirt and floral lace bodysuit features long sleeves and a stylish V-neckline back. The amazing ombre floor-length tulle skirt is made of soft tulle and the train is about 50-60 cms long. Perfect or someone who wants the look of a “traditional” wedding dress but with a darker vibe.

A black wedding dress with slitted sleeves

The dressmaker describes this material as gorgeous, witchy crushed velvet. If that doesn't scream Pagan wedding dress to you then what will?! If you live for a sleeve moment, these sleeves are slit at the top of the arm and fall to the floor!

Celtic Viking LOTR Photos by Koontz Photography31 edited alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
From Amazon, as seen in this Celtic/Viking wedding

Double breasted vest gothic waistcoat

This waistcoat made an appearance in a Viking/Celtic wedding and we immediately fell in love. How could you not?

Colorful wedding dresses belong in Pagan weddings too!

…Like this lavender mousse tulle wedding gown! Picture this for a spring Pagan wedding. Don't be mad if it attracts butterflies.

Red wedding dress

This stunning red floor-length dress is flowy and features gorgeous complex ropework. Can't you see yourself draped against a nature-made backdrop at your Pagan wedding?

Blue tweed wedding suit

This three-piece wedding suit is made with herringbone tweed. We love this look for a formal, modern fit at a Pagan wedding!

Green wedding dress

Want to find a Pagan wedding dress that makes you feel close with nature? This green wedding dress is it!

Here come the white Pagan wedding dresses

The meaning of the color white seems to be consistent among lots of belief systems. Apparently, Christians and Pagans wear white for spiritual practices! In the case of Pagan weddings, we like to think of white clothing lending itself to working with magic. And what's more magical than a ceremony celebrating love?

Celestial Pagan wedding dress with detachable sleeves

Star light, star bright! If your Pagan wedding has a celestial theme, this starry wedding dress is the perfect statement!

Custom cotton embroidered suit

We love how the embroidery looks like wheat and feels oh-so relaxed. This is the kind of suit you wear to outdoor weddings (ahem, woodsy Pagan weddings, anyone?). The suit comes in other colors too!

Bohemian wedding dress with butterfly sleeves

This boho-chic wedding dress style is perfect for Pagan elopement or an outdoor Pagan wedding. Plus, it looks like something that can be worn again and again long after your wedding day!

White floral lace bridal gown

Bringing back the 3d florals for a Pagan wedding! This white lace wedding dress is oozing with magic, nature, and joy. How can you not be happy when you look at it?

Ready to start planning your Pagan wedding?

From Pagan wedding ceremony scripts to Pagan wedding rituals, no two Pagan weddings are alike! Don't let the lack of information out there discourage you from planning the Pagan wedding of your dreams.

Get inspired by real Pagan weddings in our archive.

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