Katherine & James' barefoot eco-friendly forest wedding was amazing for a whole bunch of reasons (seed bombs! teepees! a VW bus!), but I especially love how they gave their attendants rainbow umbrellas. Yes, rain happens… but when your wedding party has brightly colored full-spectrum umbrellas, rain becomes an opportunity instead of a hassle.

Lots more umbrella porn over here!

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Comments on Give your attendants rainbow umbrellas

  1. I love the colored galoshes for the bridesmaids… I might have to find some cute ones in case it rains… Nothing is worse that wet formal shoes!

  2. The co-ordinated wellies are adorable! Such a brilliant idea!|

    We’re in the UK so even in midsummer you need a wet weather plan, especially as our ceremony was in Autumn. We planned ahead and just checked the pound shop (dollar store in the US) weekly as they often have plain coloured umbrellas in. When we spotted them we pounced and bought 25 in colours that were in our wedding spectrum (red, pink, orange and purple) so that we were prepared for any weather and could still have a confetti photo. £25 for a back up plan seemed like good value!

  3. I used that exact same umbrella at my May wedding, just in case of Seattle showers. Its sitting in our umbrella stand right now 🙂

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