Navy suit, gingham shirt, slim tie, and vans: advice for grooms on how to find their style

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 | Photography by Hitch & Sparrow
All photos by Hitch & Sparrow
All photos by Hitch & Sparrow, used by permission of Well Groomed

Ok, so I guess today we're just all about fashion. That's ok, right? Especially when it involves the amazing groom gear of Anthony Barlich, one of the founders of Chicago's Hitch & Sparrow. Anthony rocked a navy suit, silver tie, and gingham shirt, accessorized with striped socks, grey Vans, and Warby Parker glasses. Darren from Well Groomed just did a twopart post series interviewing Anthony about his fashion and guidance for grooms looking to find their own vision in a sea of anonymous suits. I mean, Anthony's a photographer himself, so clearly he's got a great eye:

Anthony Barlich Well Groomed (1)

Don't you love how he dressed his groomsmen? The two best men got special ties, and all the dudes look sharp as hell in their suspenders. Oh and wait until you see what might be my favorite groomsmen pose of all time….

OK RIGHT? We've seen a lot of funny groomsmen photos, but this sets a new standard for awesomeness.
OK RIGHT? We've seen a lot of funny groomsmen photos, but this sets a new standard for awesomeness.

Now, while we can all agree that Anthony looked dapper as fuck, of course his bride Laura was looking mighty fine as well:
Anthony Barlich Well Groomed (2)

It's not all eye-candy here, folks: Anthony's got some impeccable advice for grooms…

I honestly wish more grooms made their style their own on the wedding day. I don't necessarily know if that subconsciously impacted my decision, but I knew every part of my wardrobe was going to reflect my style and taste. It's usually cookie cutter for grooms, and I wish they took more of a risk and utilized their creative freedom with their wardrobe.

Let your attire reflect your own personal style and interests. I wore Vans, a skinny navy blue suit from TopMan, and a handful of unique details that truly represented me. Wear something that honors the day and honors you, these will probably be some of the best photos you have of yourself–let them represent who you are. Also, it's your day, keep the beard if you want to!

Seriously, why are you still here? Go see all the photos and read all Anthony's great advice over on Well Groomed. Here's Part 1, and here's Part 2.

Duh alert: If you know a groom who's been struggling to find his groom gear vision, forward this post to him immediately.

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Comments on Navy suit, gingham shirt, slim tie, and vans: advice for grooms on how to find their style

  1. Love the groomsmen! They sure too look handsome and well dressed. I like the idea of having the best man wear something special to stand apart.

  2. this, this right here, is why i have such love for OBB. as someone engaged to a pretty stylish & independent fella, i have to say that i wish more grooms (or more men, or more people) put this kind of personality & effort into their clothes.
    also, i want to make a cross-stitch of the phrase “dapper as fuck” & hang it in my man’s closet. just sayin’.

  3. You always hear people say the best advice is to be yourself, but there’s someone making it look good! Glasses, beard, Vans, it’s all just perfect.

  4. You know the line “I only read the articles?”

    Yeah, I just stared at the pictures of the hot guys instead. Ain’t no shame…

    • I’d like to make the special acquaintance of the gentleman over the groom’s right shoulder, personally.

      • You too?!? Next to the groom, he was the one who caught my eye next!

  5. The butt grabbing photo is incredible! These guys have a great sense of humor!

  6. LOVE this article! And the butt grab pic! Must share with my FH!

    ps. his outfit is going to be a pinstrip suit with gangster chain. exciiiiting! 🙂

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