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funny groomsmen gift ideas (for bridesmen, too!)

Over 30 unique groomsmen gift ideas (for bridesmen, too!)

Do you have some groomsmen, bridesmen, or wedding party members who just prefer more masculine gifts? Have you been inundated with dop kits, ties, and knives(?!) all day every day in your search? This roundup of over 30 geeky, chic, and more unique groomsmen gift ideas awaits you. There’s likely an idea that will work here for all your techie, geeky, stylish, well-hydrated, and goofy friends.

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De-stressing wedding planning by changing my wedding party expectations

There are a number of wedding traditions that soon translate into serious expectations for family and the wedding party. Family members and the wedding party are expected to step up and donate time, energy, and most importantly–money, to help the new couple launch their lives together. Here’s how I de-stressed my wedding planning by changing my wedding party expectations…

4 ways to get out of being a bridesmaid

“The dog ate my dress”: 4 ways to get out of being a bridesmaid

Declining to be in a wedding party or worse, backing out after you’ve already committed, can be a delicate maneuver. Sometimes it’s financial, sometimes it’s too much of a time commitment, and sometimes there are just personal or emotional reasons that you can’t commit. But sometimes it has to be done for logistical reasons or just for your own self-care. Here are four ways to get out of being a bridesmaid if you’ve found that it’s not in the cards for you.

The groomsmen can rock "getting ready" shots, too!

The groomsmen can rock “getting ready” shots, too!

We already know that bridesmaids often hold getting ready court in awesome robes, matching shirts, and even onesies. But what are the groomsmen doing to compete for the awesomeness title? In the case of Fran and Tony’s superhero wedding, they’re upping the groomsmen getting ready game with their own lingerie.

Wedding flask gifts as seen on @offbeatbride #weddingparty #weddings

32 geeky, chic, and kick-ass wedding party flasks for all your boozing needs

In need of some geeky or chic wedding party flasks for bridesmaid and groomsman gifts or wedding celebration libations? Maybe you just want to snag a few of these for your registry. Either way, I’ve rounded up some of the most kick-ass flasks for your wedding party, friends, or just for you. From octopodes to steampunk to unicorns to fake smartphones, these run the gamut of awesome. (Pro tip: set up a universal registry on Amazon to immediately add these things to YOUR registry or shopping list.)

Smudge your wedding party as seen on @offbeatbride

This groom smudged his wedding party for pre-ceremony purity

Ben and Joanna’s wedding had a metric ton of fantastic details like authentic Mexican fare, a mother/daughter tap dance, El Salvadoran wedding traditions, a live jazz band, opera singing by a bridesmaid, poetry, homemade cacti can centerpieces, and seriously so much more. But one detail that really resonated was the groom’s pre-ceremony smudging ritual.