The groomsmen can rock “getting ready” shots, too!

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The groomsmen can rock "getting ready" shots, too!
Photos by Megan Lupton, Shenaye Campbell, Pippa Young, Gavin Morris, and Dimitri Antonopolous

We already know that bridesmaids often hold getting ready court in awesome robes, matching shirts, and even onesies. But what are the groomsmen doing to compete for the awesomeness title? In the case of Fran and Tony's superhero wedding, they're upping the groomsmen getting ready game with their own lingerie.

Oh, and these guys also took their fancy outfits to another level with these superhero socks…

The groomsmen can rock "getting ready" shots, too!

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Will the dudes in your wedding party be doing their own version of “groomsmen getting ready?” We'd love to see it…

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