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Oh, we LOVES us some grooms and we have all sorts of advice from and for them. We love grooms with beards, we love gay grooms, we love grooms in tuxedo alternatives, we love grooms who don’t identify as men, we love ALL THE MASC MARRIED FOLKS!

groom in a crown as seen on offbeat bride alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

GROOM CROWN: for when your groom is a king

In the lead up to our wedding day, my groom Sammy and I sat watching The Witcher. Both of us agreed the king’s crown was cool.

“You should wear a crown at the wedding!” I said, and Sammy laughed.

funny groomsmen gift ideas (for bridesmen, too!)

Over 30 unique groomsmen gift ideas (for bridesmen, too!)

Do you have some groomsmen, bridesmen, or wedding party members who just prefer more masculine gifts? Have you been inundated with dop kits, ties, and knives(?!) all day every day in your search? This roundup of over 30 geeky, chic, and more unique groomsmen gift ideas awaits you. There’s likely an idea that will work here for all your techie, geeky, stylish, well-hydrated, and goofy friends.

pokeball wedding band on offbeat bride alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

23 non-boring & unique masculine wedding bands for folks of all genders [Updated!]

We’ve shown you LOTS of men’s and masculine wedding bands before, but I’m bringing some new ideas to the table this time. I’m talking wood grains, rainbow-inlaid crystal, trillion-cut sapphires, animals sculpted into the metal, neon inner bands, brushed metal, the Bat Symbol, skulls, and DRAGON SCALE. It’s a whole new batch of weird, wild, and totally non-boring masculine wedding bands to fill your dapper heart (or your groom’s!) with pure, golden joy.

os pac man website 01 1 1 alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

We NEED to see someone get married in one of these wild suits

Grooms and dapper brides take note: these patterned, geeky, and short suits are making our lives. We’re so jonesing to see someone rock one of these suits at a wedding. Wild suit brand OppoSuits has an array of patterned suits, short summer suits, and ultra colorful suits to match anyone willing to stray from that basic black suit. And by stray, we mean really stray. But hey, it’s your one chance to look as rad as you like… do it! Let’s peek (and pun!) at some of their seriously awesome, seriously weird, and just plain kick-ass suits.

batman cake topper on offbeat bride alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Judgment, money, and freak-outs: how this groom helped his partner find a wedding dress

Offbeat grooms (and anyone with a partner who wear dresses): this one’s for you. Here’s an excerpt from Rick Webb’s new book, Man Nup: A Groom’s Guide to Heroic Wedding Planning, which tackles the issues of grooms navigating the murky waters of their partner’s dress shopping. Let’s talk about the interplay of grooms and wedding dresses.

These gamers rocked a music festival playlist vibe (& a Bioshock-themed first look!)

Offbeat wedding styles for grooms and other masculine folks

We luv us some offbeat fashion, and the fellas out there cannot be left out of the equation. I’ve rounded up 22 truly inspiring, high-tone looks from our groom gear tag. Browse to your heart’s content and witness everything from kilts to zoot suits to kimono — this is serious wedding style for grooms and other masculine folks.