Super nerdy wedding invitations
Invitations by Fireside Workshop

Natasha's epic Pokémon proposal rocked our nerdy worlds, so when we saw her custom video game-themed and nerdy wedding invitations, we had to share. Here's the scoop on which fandoms were involved and how it came about…

For our wedding, we wanted to really celebrate who we are and our unique interests. We both work in the games industry so that was obviously going to be part of it, but we also love sci-fi and anime and more. We wanted to craft all of these ideas together for our wedding and therefore went with the theme: embrace you inner geek. The big kick-off for this would be the wedding invitations! We contacted our friend/artist Heather Gladden Hunter of Fireside Workshop to design them and the end results were definitely worth it. She was able to seamlessly intertwine Mario, Doctor Who, Sailor Moon, World of Warcraft, Harry Potter, and Pokémon in the best possible way.

Super nerdy wedding invitations

Old skool 8-bit chic FTW!

Super nerdy wedding invitations

Super nerdy wedding invitations

Read the back carefully…

Super nerdy wedding invitations

“Until game over do us part.” BEST! Thanks for sharing these amazing invites, Natasha!

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