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Geeks giving back: an ethical and beautiful wedding in Pittsburgh

Geeks giving back: a beautiful and ethical wedding in Pittsburgh

Sharon and Quinn are into all things geek and are also very focused on making ethical decisions like ethical rings, sustainable vendors, vegan food, and a vegan cookie table. They even donated their leftovers to the local homeless population. This gorgeous and ethical wedding was intimate (about 50 people) and totally focused on love, shared interests, and making the world a little better. Don’t miss the epic gamer cake to end all gamer cakes…

Super nerdy wedding invitations

Count the fandoms that hide in these awesomely nerdy wedding invitations

Natasha’s epic Pokémon proposal rocked our nerdy worlds, so when we saw her custom video game-themed and nerdy wedding invitations, we had to share. They intertwined Mario, Doctor Who, Sailor Moon, World of Warcraft, Harry Potter, and Pokémon! Here’s the scoop on how it came about…

Geeky wedding vow ideas from @offbeatbride

Geeky wedding vows – 10 examples from REAL weddings!

Fellow gamers, book-lovers, pop culture fiends, Potterphiles, Browncoats, Tolkien fans, Whovians, and zombie apocalypse fighters, and all other forms of geekdom in need of nerd-tinged, geeky wedding vows… these reader-submitted vows will save the princess in your castle. It’s dangerous to write vows alone… take these.

steampunk wedding decor

Karen & Terry’s steampunk, peacock, and pop culture wedding

You guys, this wedding will fulfill many desires: steampunk gear, Adventure Time decor, World of Warcraft bunting, and board games galore. It’s everything our geeky hearts love. Add in the gorgeous paper flower bouquets, the live-action re-telling of A Lovely Love Story, and the airships and rockets, and you’re in for a wild, pop-cultured filled ride with these cuties.

11195588325 25795e4bd8 c alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Jen & Nick’s Warcraft and weaponry wedding

Pick a side: Horde or Alliance for this geektastic World of Warcraft, LEGO, and crafted weapons (worthy of the best cosplay) wedding. Instead of a sweetheart table, a loot table… instead of traditional table numbers, raid bosses. Pick your weapon, regen your mana, and get ready to raid at this wedding worthy of the word “WoW.”

JamieTimWedding 475sm alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

These World of Warcraft wedding vows are seriously nerdy and super sweet

Jamie and Tim had an intimate small ceremony with friends and family in their home. They are also World of Warcraft nerds to the nth degree. So I wrote a WoW inclusive ceremony for them. It was about 10 minutes long. Here’s it is…