Let non-geeks in on the jokes with your geeky wedding program

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Let nongeeks in on the jokes with your geeky wedding program
Photo from Karen & Terry's steampunk, peacock, and pop culture wedding by Hayley Ruth Photography

I hate (like reeeeeeaaaaally don't like) being on the outside of an inside joke. Don't get me wrong, I love my inside jokes with my friends — but I am way quick to clue new friends in because, ugh, who likes being the person who just doesn't know what's going on? NO ONE, that's who.

So I am in total love with how Karen and Terry let their non-geek guests know what was up at their geeky wedding. With little nods to everything from World of Warcraft to the Discworld to Adventure Time, Karen and Terry decided to drop some knowledge on any guests who might be a bit in the dark. They drafted up a super informative geeky wedding program, with short and sweet blurbs explaining just what steampunk meant anyway and yes, the Discworld really is flat.

We also decided that, as we had a captive audience, we could let them learn about all of the cool things we liked. So in the programme for the day, we added a little paragraph about all of the influences in the wedding and where they could find out more about them if they were interested. I really enjoyed doing that because it gave us a chance to share our passions in way we probably couldn't at any other time.

If you want to read all the words to get inspired for your geeky wedding program, click here.

Awww. How nice is that? We may not all be geeks (or we're geeky in different ways), but you can make sure everyone still feels included with a little hard-copy Wikipedia!

Granted, it's not always easy to explain some of our fave geek stuff! How would you describe your geeky wedding elements to a nongeek?

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  1. I think this is a very good idea. Especially since a long time ago I saw a comment on another site about “Too bad so sad if you don’t get all the references & jokes at the wedding. It’s not for you to know!”

  2. This is a fabulous idea. Not only will guests be brought out of the dark, but they will also have a better understanding of the things the couple loves and after all, isn’t a wedding about celebrating the couple’s love?

  3. I wasn’t sold on having programs at my wedding because we’re doing the ceremony and reception at the same place and timeline is simple. But now I kind of want to have them to explain stuff!

  4. I so wish I had thought of this for our wedding! We did funny, tongue in cheek, guide book style programs, but this would have been a great addition.

    Our wedding planner had a cheat sheet for matching super hero escort cards with villain table numbers, but there were some other things that could have used explaining.

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