Planning tools 101: Your wedding timeline spreadsheet

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Download your wedding timeline from @offbeatbride #weddingplanning #weddingtimeline

Rad news, you guys: we've recently launched a comprehensive and totally customizable document of wedding planning spreadsheets! This means we've got a complete set of planning templates to steer your whole event. You can snag the whole set of complete planning docs, and we'll be highlighting each spreadsheet in their own posts so you can see what's in each.

What's in the big ol' wedding planning spreadsheets, you ask? Here's the whole set of wedding planning docs, including some we've seen nowhere else:

  • Wedding Day-of Timeline: where to be and when
  • Wedding Guest List: who will be there and what will they require
  • Wedding Budget Calculator: how much will all this stuff cost?!
  • Comprehensive Venue Comparison: all the details to decide on the all-important venue
  • Wedding Seating Chart: who to lift and separate
  • Wedding Vendor Contacts: a list to pass off to those in the know
  • A Who to Call List: the actual people in the know!
  • Wedding Packing List: what stuff to bring and who's bringing it
  • Photography Shot List: what photos you'll want to remember the day

You'll be able to make a copy of any and all documents you want, open them with your app of choice or save them to your Google Drive, and customize the hell out of them to fit your own offbeat wedding. Alternately, you can print them out, download them as a PDF (or other file types), or email them to a friend or planner.

Download the planning spreadsheets here


We're first highlighting a very important element of your planning: what the hell is happening on your wedding day and WHEN? If you're working with a wedding planner (whooo!), then a lot of this will be developed with them, but if not, you'll want to start plotting out your day, who will be where and when. This wedding timeline will help you plan the whole day from waking up to crashing hard at the end.

Download the complete set of wedding planning spreadsheets:

Download the complete wedding planning spreadsheet set from @offbeatbride #weddingplanning #weddingspreadsheets #weddingbinder

To save your own copy of the wedding planning spreadsheets:


Note: these are intentionally fairly generic, so you'll definitely want to customize them to YOUR event. Just because something is listed (say, a calligrapher) does NOT mean you need to have it. We just wanted to keep things as comprehensive as possible.

Stay tuned as we highlight each wedding planning spreadsheets in more posts coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to snag all of them now so you can get started on your wedding timeline and more.

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  1. You just do this NOW?? I kid, I built my massive 12 sheet wedding spreadsheet based off of OBB, so there’s nothing but love here. I think I’m just jealous of everyone planning a wedding now that they super special magical OBB spreadsheets from the get-go.

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