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We’ve got day-of schedules, wedding timelines, and even some advice about the timing of rehearsal dinners and other pre-wedding events.

How I used Google Sheets to lay out my wedding

How I used Google Sheets to lay out my wedding floorplan

I readily admit that the hardest thing about my wedding day will be letting go of control of the entire thing. I wanted to have a hand in the layout of the rooms, even if I can’t physically be there for the set up. I harnessed Google Sheets wedding planning: I made an approximate map of our venue and placed every table, chair, and decoration where I want it to be, setting the boxes up as squares and using a legend of 1 foot squared = 1 box. See how it was done!

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Planning tools 101: Your wedding timeline spreadsheet

Rad news, you guys: we’ve launched a comprehensive and totally customizable document of wedding planning spreadsheets! This means we’ve got a complete set of planning templates to steer your whole event. In this series, we’re going to talk through all the spreadsheets. First up: the WEDDING TIMELINE!

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How long will this take?! An insider’s view of a wedding photography timeline

Are you wondering how long each photography session of your wedding day will take? We got a super comprehensive wedding photography timeline from one of our favorite photography vendors, [heart link=""]Black, White and Raw Photography[/heart], to help you plan out the day according to your needs.

Wedding music stress-fest? A DJ's advice on minimizing music stress as seen on @offbeatbride

Wedding music drama-fest? A DJ’s advice on minimizing music stress

After helping over 100 couples curate the music for their weddings, I’ve just about seen it all, including elaborate choreographed Disney princess dance medleys, uncles doing the worm, belly dancers, a Mariah Carey ceremony processional, and even a Backstreet Boys karaoke battle. I’ve worked with couples who’ve kept things easy going and simple, achieved elegant and traditional decadence, or have had full-blown raging parties and everything in between. No matter the overall goal for your wedding, here’s a little wisdom I’ve extracted from being a part of these very special events.

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Have a picnic with your crew for totally chill wedding party photos

Natalie and Mark’s photographer suggested that they indulge in a small picnic after the ceremony and before their reception — and it looks like such a BRILLIANT idea that I’m sharing it here for you to steal. Check it out. Pack a lil cooler with some snacks — you know you and your peeps are gonna be hungry by then — and grab an adorable blanket or two and a festive basket. Then lounge around for some post-ceremony wedding party photos that showcase you and your closest people being super stylish and super relaxed. What a great way to unwind a bit before hitting up a high-energy ceremony, am I right?

Wedding weekend tips by @offbeatbride

10 must-have tips for a wedding weekend or multi-day wedding

We get to see a lot of wedding weekends and multi-day weddings on the blog, so we love to see how couples handle their camping weddings, multi-day Indian weddings, safari weddings, and festival-style weekend-long epic parties. Here are 10 tips for a wedding weekend to make sure your guests (and you!) stay informed, entertained, happy, well-fed, and well-rested during your multi-day bash.