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    Dainty Adornments for the Strange and Unusual

    Kipkalinka fine skull jewelry is subtle and looks like classic jewellery from afar, but it’s not. The idea behind is that we have to look closer and dig deeper to truly recognize each other, ourselves, and the world. It’s all about appreciation and longevity – in every way.

    The small business is run by Christine, a professional goldsmith with 15 years of experience in her trade. She makes her elegant and dainty skull jewellery all by hand for beautifully strange and unusual individuals like you – humans who seek to express their inner truth in a subtle but unmistakable way – those who find pride in feeling different from the crowd and own their uniqueness.

    Christine's work is known for incomparable detail and quality. She is an expert in combining precious metal alloys and unique gemstones in a meaningful, individual way. All designs can be made in sterling silver, all gold alloys of 14K and 18K as well as in platinum. She will go the extra mile to find exactly the stones that speak to YOU. Think black diamonds, salt+pepper diamonds, rubies and tourmalines.

    Contact her today to have a chat about your dream wedding or engagement ring.

    What she says about her jewelry:

    “I am convinced that we have to look closer and dig deep below the surface to truly realize and recognize each other, ourselves, and the world. This drives me to use so much care in the details of my jewelry.

    Each piece has a name and a story, since I want to create items of value and meaning. My skull engagement rings are named in honour of a goddess or mythical woman to make us remember and for them to be remembered.

    What I do, I do with my own hands and every single piece takes time. There is no computer-aided design or wax plotting involved in any part of my manufacturing process. My assets are sharp vision, patience, and deftness, paired with more than 15 years of experience as a professional goldsmith.

    For a new model I usually make a prototype from scratch in metal. Which means carving skulls, bending and shaping the band, making the setting, and thousand other little steps. Depending on the complexity of the design, the whole procedure can take up to 50 hours of work. All precious metal I use is sustainably recycled from old jewelry to keep resources in the ground.

    I prefer to work with natural gemstones as I love them for their ability to interconnect the earth and the sky, the darkness and the light. What stems from the darkest depths is only ignited to its full capacity of color and shine when shaped by a master’s hand and met by the light from above.

    If you are looking for a subtle way of expressing your love, an elegant talisman that holds all the mysteries of our lives and inspires the seeker in your heart, then you might find I already thought of you before you came here.”

    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    I take elements from the Gothic to bring to mind the concept of ‘Memento Mori’, which serves as a constant reminder to live life to the absolute fullest… I hope to encourage my customers to do the same.

    The intention of Kipkalinka Fine Skull Jewelry is to bring she who wears it, closer to herself; to the core of her being. It is to offer support and protection. To allow her to transform into her most authentic, true self. It is to be a companion, and reminder, for what really matters in life.

    I believe that a person’s individuality should be the foundation of my creative process when designing and creating their rings, which is why I aim to make the process as personal as possible.

    I take the time to get to know my customers, so that I can guide you to find the perfect style, material, and gemstone for you. I do this so that when you look upon your ring from the very first, to the very last moment, you’ll know that this ring was simply meant for you, now and forever.

    Jaz on Mar 6, 2021:
    "I truly had the most amazing experience when we purchased my Wandika engagement ring from Christine! I had no idea about rings at all and Christine was SO helpful and kind from the very first time I messaged her. She was SO wonderful in helping me select the best ring, material and stone suited to me. The ring is more beautiful than I could ever have imagined, it is just stunning and everything I ever could have wished for! I have tiny hands and this ring isn’t too bulky but also not TOO small, I feel so incredibly proud and beautiful wearing it. You’d think buying such an important ring online could be pretty scary when you’ve never tried it on, but I just knew deep down it felt so right. It arrived from Germany to Australia in just THREE DAYS, wow! Thank you Christine, from the bottom of my heart. ??"

    Erika on Apr 25, 2020:
    "These pictures I took do not give these rings justice I cant express how phenomenal these rings are, they are beyond perfect she was even able to engrave part of our wedding song by shinedown in the engagement ring! Best seller ever even with the special note and surprise she left me. I cant wait to order my husband ring and more things for myself! I really wish I could leave more stars! 100/10 best customer service and they was worth the wait!"

    Samantha on 15 Feb, 2021:
    "I can’t even describe how beautiful this ring is. The craftsmanship is incredible. The seller was extremely kind and kept me updated throughout the entire process. I got to try it on before my partner hid it away and I’ve never had a ring fit me so perfectly. Will update with a photo after the proposal! ?"

    Natalie on 23 Oct, 2021:
    "Wow. This ring is just breathtaking. Absolutely stunning. The details of the skulls is unbelievable. Seller is lovely too. Will definitely be back and would 100% recommend!"

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