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Stranger Things fans, assemble! We used our mind control powers to conjure up Stranger Things wedding ideas we think you'll love more than Eggo Waffles. Whether you're having a Stranger Things wedding, a pre or post wedding party, or looking for a Stranger Things wedding gift for the newlyweds in your life, these Stranger Things wedding ideas are sure to turn your wedding event upside down (but, er, the good Upside Down).

Let's get dive into these bitchin' Stranger Things wedding ideas!

You couldn't get us to enter the Upside Down for anything…Unless, of course, you invited us via this Stranger Things wedding invitation suite!

We know Mike and friends would geek out over this custom constellation map. Customize it with names and a wedding date to make it the perfect Stranger Things wedding gift for hardcore fans!

Eddie Munson would totally rock these skull wedding bands.

What if you skipped the cake and had a waffle bar instead?

Mike & Eleven's Stranger Things wedding of our Eggo waffled, Upside Down imaginations
Waffle bar from this Stranger Things styled wedding shoot. Photo by Julie Floro Photography

Customize these t-shirts for everyone in your Stranger Things wedding party.

These Dungeons and Dragons bottle openers are inspired from pure, sweet Will Byers' infamous line. Can't you see these making great Stranger Things wedding favors?

Looking for a Stranger Things wedding outfit? This genderfluid wedding wardrobe is giving us Upside Down vine-y vibes!

This “Friends Don't Lie” bracelet would make a sentimental Stranger Things wedding party gift for everyone!

Whether you're having a bachelor, bachelorette, or really any wedding-related party, these Stranger Things games will bring out a healthy dose of competition! Ooh, idea: Have guests play these games at your Stranger Things wedding reception. The prize? Not getting possessed by dear old Vecna.

If you're always referred to as a superhero like Eleven, you can fly down the aisle at your ceremony in this epic wedding jumpsuit. Millie Bobby Brown even describes Elle as a super woman, so this is totally fitting for a Stranger Things wedding! No mind control powers necessary.

Imagine your wedding party wearing custom Scoops Ahoy name tags at your Stranger Things wedding! Or customize them with pronouns for guests to wear.

If Steve the Babysitter isn't available, this coloring book is sure to keep kiddos occupied at your Stranger Things wedding.

If you're on the hunt for Stranger Things wedding jewelry, what about this wedding band that screams “Demogorgon heads, but make it dainty.”

Everyone in your Stranger Things wedding party can embrace their inner nerd at the pre-wedding shenanigans.

Ooh, Stranger Things wedding party name idea! What if you called them all your “Dungeon Masters”?

This dress reminds us of the lightning storms in the Upside Down, plus it's a totally electric vibe for Stranger Things wedding attire.

Stranger Things Wai Ching alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)
Custom wedding dress by Wai-Ching Designs

Give your Stranger Things wedding party their own “Eye of Vecna” dice so they're always reminded that he's watching.

Throwback to season one where the boys describe Will's way home as “Mirkwood”. So pure. So nerdy.

Which Stranger Things wedding ideas did you use? Tell us in the comments!

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