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    Heather Bennett, owner and photographer of Bee Brook Photography, smiles for the camera. Her hair is green and she's holding one of her cameras in her hands.
    Heather Bennett
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    Hey, I'm Heather, and we're about to throw the rules out the window.  You're here because you're planning YOUR day, and we're going to celebrate it just how you want to.  So, if you need a reminder to stop trying to appease your forever disapproving great-aunt Barbara and DO YOU, you've come to the right place.

    As an elder emo, I know what it's like to feel like you don't quite fit the mold.  My original vision when I became a photographer was to embody the adventure wedding vibe (equally as epic), but I quickly realized that “elopements” in Missouri were often much more cookie-cutter than I imagined they would be.  I always felt like I had to put on a different persona, and I wanted something more exciting and true to who I was.

    So, after I had two brides wearing black dresses book me on the same day, I saw an opportunity to connect and serve people I identified closely with, and who I hoped would identify with me and my style.  After all, what nonconformist wants a cookie-cutter photographer?

    So, I took the plunge, showed my weirdness for what it was, and now I get to work with some pretty kickass individuals.  How kickass?  Keep scrolling to see for yourself.  👇

    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    Back when I was planning my wedding almost a decade ago, I at least had the unwaivering support of my mother, pushing me to do exactly what I wanted to do, and I had the Offbeat Bride book.  I poured over that book, took all the advice I could, and did exactly what I wanted to do.  Within a week of sending save-the-dates to about a million people, I realized that I was biting off more than I could chew, and that wasn’t what I wanted, so I rescinded those save-the-dates in a super apologetic email, invited only those closest to us, and had the most perfect intimate wedding in the mountains.  And I honestly wouldn’t change a single thing (except maybe having Offbeat Wed’s giant online database of resources available to me back then, because let’s be honest–that would have made things so much easier).

    I wear my quirks loud and proud, and I LIVE to support my couples to think outside the conventional box associated with getting married, because I know not everyone has someone like my mom rallying for them.  You’re planning one of the biggest days of your entire life.  In my eyes, it’s most important to have the most magical freaking day you possibly can, uninhibited by what you feel is expected.  This is your chance to plan a day–or even an entire weekend–celebrating your love in the most YOU way possible.

    I’m an alternative-styled, Pagan, slightly crunchy human and nothing makes me more excited than working with likeminded individuals.  Be prepared to hear me geeking out about every unique thing you have planned and give you tons of ideas to nudge you in the direction you WANT to go.  Think you have an obstacle in your way while wedding planning?  I’m here to be your problem solver.

    And although I’m married to the coolest dude ever, I’m also a part of the LGBTQ+ community.  I’m so passionate about being as inclusive as possible for my LGBTQ+ clients, and I have access to a great network of allies and fellow LGBTQ+ vendors, so I can hook you up with a team that you love and trust.

    "Tldr; From the "get to know you" survey to choosing our gallery pictures, working with Heather at Bee Brook Photography was an absolute dream (even for two people who are not comfortable in front of cameras)! I would (and will) book her again and again in the future!"
    - Darcy

    "Bee Brook Photography did not disappoint!!!! She did such an amazing job and really showed our goofy loving selves in these pictures!"
    - Abby

    "Screaming. Crying. So HAPPY!! Thank YOU, Heather!"
    - Danie

    "Our engagement and wedding photos were amazing! Heather was fantastic to work with and I highly recommend her."
    - Courtney

    "Heather is great to work with! The photos she took are gorgeous and the colors are brilliant!!! I love the authenticity of her style. She perfectly captured the emotion and beauty of our wedding day!"
    - Katie

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    $ thrifty
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