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    Ashleigh Pritchard
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    CharmCat creates wedding invitations (and all sorts of printed paper goods) for people who are passionate and aren’t afraid to show it! Choose from a collection of pre-made designs that you can customize to your hearts’ content, or together we can create a completely custom design with artwork created just for you—you even get to keep the original watercolor painting.

    As an independent artist, I offer a level of service and personalization that you can’t find from a big company. I get it—you’ve spent forever trying to find something that inspires you and makes you go, “Yes, that’s it! It’s perfect!” Something thoughtful and authentic, something that hits every point on your wish list, no settling.

    So let’s do it! Close out of Pinterest, forget the pro-con list, and let's make something that sparks your passion.

    SO WHO AM I?
    Hey there! I’m Ashleigh, a watercolor artist and avid paper lover!

    Finding a stationer is like finding your future spouse. (You already did one of those things!) There's lots of stationers out there, and you should search for the right stationer for you. My invitation process is highly personal and personalized. That means you'll have a better experience if you know how I operate!

    I'm a cat lover, high-fantasy enthusiast, grammar nerd, and sarcastic know-it-all. My favorite book is the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I'm an INFJ. My favorite toy is my label maker, and I think a purring cat is the solution to all problems.

    “Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something.” —Simon Pegg

    * You want a design that's not in my aesthetic. Take a look through my portfolio to see what I do best. If you want something highly stylized or graphic, then I'm not for you. I might know someone who is, though!
    * You want a DIY template. I know Adobe design programs like my cat's meow. I don't even own Word, and I don't make templates.
    * You just want a quick “trendy” design rather than a personal, meaningful design.
    * You don't always respond to your emails. This is a two-person process, and sometimes I need you!
    * You are a future in-law. I prefer to work directly with my clients, since it's all about their personality.

    Read on: About Me!

    Have no fear here: CharmCat welcomes all Offbeat Brides! (Or grooms, or however you want to be identified.) Read my welcome policy.

    Awesome! Choose your own adventure: Custom Wedding Invitations or the Semi-Custom Collection

    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    My favorite projects, the ones that make me squee with joy, are the ones that start with, ”So I don’t know if you can do this, but…”

    I *love* creating unexpected art.

    Want your cat, in a bow tie, chilling on your info card? I can do that!

    What about a custom envelope liner with a squirrel — a nod to your new last name? I can do that, too!

    How about a save the date with candy in it! Done that.


    • A Lord of the Rings theme wedding
    • A Dungeons & Dragons theme wedding
    • A Renaissance theme wedding

    Have no fear here: CharmCat welcomes all Offbeat Brides! (Or grooms, or however it feels right to be identified.) I am open to all the “letters,” happy to serve bachelorxes who identify as gay, lesbian, bi, pan, trans, enby, poly, and anyone celebrating love. Read my welcome policy.

    "We loved how responsive you were each and every time that we had a question or requested change. You actively listened to our thoughts and opinions, and seemed to be able to take the thoughts from our heads and transfer them directly to our invitations! And, obviously, your work was absolutely stunning.

    Couples and customers should not be afraid to ask questions, and speak their mind - there were moments where we felt bad making so many requests or changes, but you graciously accepted all of our thoughts and in the end we received an invitation that was exactly what we had imagined!

    Aside from everything above, we would tell friends and family that you take the time to commit to each of your wedding couples, and devote all of your time and energy as if we were your number one priority, from beginning to end. You have a wide range of skills, and your work creates personal, unique and beautiful pieces!

    We are so grateful to have worked with you, and our wedding invitations were one of our very favorite details from our wedding. We are so glad to be able to save our invitation for years to come, and cannot wait to show our children some day!" —Shannon

    See all my reviews, blog features, and publications on my website!

    Get a cool 10% off cards for proposing to your wedding party! I have cards and pins for 90 (!) different wedding members with various gender and agender combinations.


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    $ thrifty
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