Textured hair? Here are 4 wedding hair considerations

Guest post by Mayra Malik

As the widely celebrated singer-songwriter Janelle Monae once remarked, “Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through.” Natural beauty is something to highlight every day, but even more so on your wedding day.

Brides and grooms can embrace their beautiful natural features—including the characteristic look of their textured hair type—to curate the perfect style. Curious how to get your natural texture on for the big day? Read through these wedding hair considerations for folks with textured hair. Your dream look awaits.

Check the Climate

Seasonality and geographical location play a key role in determining the best wedding hairstyle. This is especially true when brides desire to style textured hair in its natural form. Consider the environment of the venue and the time of year when making the decision, especially if the wedding is indoors or outdoors. Weather and humidity can impact your curl pattern and shape, triggering frizz or flyaways. You’ll need to choose a style that will last all day with the right approach and products. Listen to your gut—you know your hair best.

Choose Your Style Carefully

Different textures allow for a wide array of different styles. Don’t let a lack of textured representation in mainstream media discourage your hair inspiration. Regardless of if you have long or short waves, curls, or coils, you can find something that complements your unique aura, wedding dress, and bridal makeup.

Keep in mind to focus on the back of your hair alongside the front. Framing your face is pivotal for pictures, but your guests will see the back during the walk down the aisle. Carefully highlight the uniqueness of your hair texture from all angles. You can use your curls to your advantage for an effortless and elegant look that’s picture-perfect.

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Allow Enough Prep Time

Brides with textured hair should consider wedding hairstyles that do not need retouching during the day. Consider how much time and attention your hair needs, regardless of if you desire a more creative ’do or stick to updo styles like buns or braids. Remember, you need enough time to prep beforehand if you want to curate a finished look. Ultimately, your chosen look depends on the timeframe and support of a skilled stylist.

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Rely on Experienced Professional Stylists

When considering hiring a bridal hairstylist, look closely at past work examples on their social media or portfolios. Are there former clients with a hair texture similar to yours? Is their style reflective of the one you want to create for your special day? Be sure to book trial sessions to set expectations and achieve your desired bridal look. You can also ask about potential product use and areas of expertise.

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    I have an itty bitty fro and finding a veil has been a challenge. I’m using a drop veil and headband since I don’t have any place for a comb. It’s pretty frustrating.

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