Natural Black hairstyles to inspire you to put down the creamy crack

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Ariel pinned this cute shot of a bride rockin' her Natural ‘do with a sweet little birdcage to the Offbeat Bride Pinterest account. Once I saw this, I disappeared down a rabbit hole of awesome natural hair options. Oh, the beastly time-drain that is Pinterest. Le sigh. But my time-suck is your gain! Check out these lovely styles for natural textured hair, whether it be curly, kinky, coarse, or super thick.


This crazy-gorgeous lady is sporting short twist curls and white flowers. You could stick on a headband, a fascinator, a mini top hat, a house cat… anything works with this style.


This looks professionally done, so if this chick is just going out shopping, consider me jealous of her mad hair skills. I see this updo as very veil-friendly — and do I smell a hint of Janelle Monae in that pomp?


Speaking of veil-friendly, here is a bride with some classic braids. But this time she's braided herself a little retro headband! LOVE!


Here is more retro style in the form of victory rolls. And you know where this came from? A Youtube tutorial from ThePinupNoire, for the hair-impaired like meeeee! Watch and learn, my lovelies. (And don't forget to snag a “hair rat” for making the faux bangs!)

Oh and finally, I loooove how Starla rocked her natural hair, as featured in this Offbeat Bride post from a couple years ago:


For those of you rocking natural texture on your wedding day: how are you doing your ‘do? Share some inspiration in the comments!

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Comments on Natural Black hairstyles to inspire you to put down the creamy crack

    • Me too. I was watching that video and loved how useful the hair rat was.

  1. I just wanted to say how much I appreciated this article! As a natural bride planning my offbeat wedding, I am in the middle of making this decision right now! Thanks for being inclusive of ALL of us brides today!

  2. OMG, I do not think I have ever seen a bridal blog feature a post for natural black hair. LOVE YOU GUYS!

  3. Awesome post! This is the only post I’ve ever seen about African-American hairstyles. I specialize in catering ethnic events and this is a complaint I here very often. Well done, guys.

  4. Thank you thank you so much for showing love to the natural sisters! Love it!!!

  5. Luuurve this post! My hair is natural and I wore it in a pinned up-do with a purple veil and feather clip. I searched the internets for months before the my wedding date looking for natural hair styles and was very disappointed by the slim pickins’. My frustration was exacerbated by the fact that I was having a destination wedding in Prague and I had to entrust my hair to a lovely lady that NEVER saw let alone touched ethnic curly hair before. I did find a few styles I liked and took pictures of myself in a do’ my hair dresser at home created and took those to my hair trial the day before our nuptials. I ended up with an awesome do! 🙂

  6. YAY!!!

    I sport a TWA (teenie weenie afro) …and when I look through wedding stuff, it is always hard to imagine myself because of hair and skin colour. It is always great to see natural hair styles! My mom is Irish…and my neighborhood is mostly white and I work in an Asia based company. So I really never see anyone who looks like me, is shaped like me …and I can not believe how just happy I am when I see someone I can physically relate to. It inspires me to try on new clothes or try a new style…

    Thank you for posting this ^_^

  7. Wow! I know most of us are envious of hair we don’t have (mine is thin, fine, and stick straight), and I find natural Black hair gorgeous. Saw a student last week with a beautiful afro, and I had to stop her in the hall to tell her how amazing it was.

  8. Thank you for including us, this article is one reason why I love this site so much!

  9. Thank you so much for posting this! I am natural and my wedding is in the spring. Its not easy to find wedding hairstyles for natural hair. This is why I love this blog!

  10. More proof that Victory rolls look good on ANYONE. Love the diversity of styles. So gorgeous!

  11. This is awesome! I am one of those ladies who went “el natural” a couple years ago! I am having trouble finding a hairstyle picture. BUT I have a vision (a few corn-row braids on the side, a pumped up front, with small braids in the pumps and twists along the other side of my head) I will be sure to post a picture once my hair dresser makes the vision a reality.

  12. Awesome! As a natural off beat bride getting married in January, I needed this desperately. I love my hair and can’t wait to adorn it for the big day. These are great ideas that are hard to find anywhere else on the web.

  13. ADORE this post! As a natural bride to be who loves my curls, I’m so glad to see something like this on a wedding site 😀

  14. This is great! My favorite is now discovering the pinup noire tutorials! Yay! These are fantastic. Thanks.

  15. Thank you for this! I would love to see more ideas for natural haired brides. I am planning my May wedding and this has been the one thing that I’ve had the hardest time finding suggestions/ideas for (I have a mid size fro but want to be able to wear a flower crown). If anyone has photos of their own natural wedding do’s, please share!

  16. So I loved the post and reading the comments but anyone know of where to go for inspiration for a TWA (teeny weeny afro)? I had expected my hair to be much longer for my wedding; we recently moved it up by half a year. I have kinky hair, don’t know where it falls in the category of 4 on the Andre Walker’s Hair Type Classification System but I do know it isn’t identical strands throughout my whole head either. Since I’ve had natural hair a time or two before I can say that my texture is more like Erykh Badu and less like say Tracee Ellis Ross.

    So any suggestions when it’s in its infantile TWA stage would be great! Pinterest or other sites that highlight short natural styles??

  17. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! These were such BEAUTIFUL styles! I stopped using relaxers on my hair after “burning” it out. I had a bald spot for months (I still have thin spots). My natural hair grows horribly, so I’m still trying to decide between a wig or braids.

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