3 reasons why you should choose LGBTQ+ wedding photographers

Guest post by D + Meg of River and Root Photography

So you’ve decided to have photos taken. Awesome! Maybe you’re hiring a photographer for your wedding or elopement or maybe you just want to capture your partnership in its current, beautiful state – either way, you deserve an incredible experience and photos that capture your authentic love. 

Here are 3 reasons why you should choose an LGBTQ+ photographer. 

You’ll feel understood, seen, and celebrated.

Communication: From your initial contact to your gallery delivery, you’ll be communicated with mindfully. Gendered language? Not here. LGBTQ+ wedding photographers know how to ask the right questions and learn what we need to in order for you to feel safe and seen.

Posing: Why, oh why, are we always placing the larger or taller bodied person in the back? Poses based on gender and body size have no place here. Instead, you’ll be gently directed to do what feels right. Your session will be fun and relaxed and that comfort will show through in your finished photos.

Relationship style: Perhaps you're in a polyamorous relationship and you want to capture your polycule? Are you marrying your wife but also want to include your girlfriend in your elopement? Let’s make it happen! Many LGBTQ+ wedding photographers (us included) are familiar and supportive of different relationship styles and will make sure your love is represented exactly as you want. 

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Your guests will feel understood, seen, and celebrated!

At an elopement or wedding, the comfort and experience of your guests is, undoubtedly, a priority for you. Hiring an LGBTQ+ wedding photographer who can bring an awareness and comfort with pronouns, relationship types, boundaries, etc. is an important step in making sure guests feel free to be themselves and be fully present celebrating you.

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You’re putting your money where your values are.

Lastly, hiring any vendor is an investment in a small (or big) business. By hiring an LGBTQ+ wedding photographer, you’re directly supporting the livelihood of the LGBTQ+ community and prioritizing the safety and comfort of yourselves and your family and friends. Whether you are a committed ally or a member of the LGBTQ+ community yourself, putting your money where your values are is always a good move. 

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