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    Mary Elizabeth at her bench creating custom jewelry
    Mary Elizabeth Linford
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    Handcrafted Custom Jewelry

    Inclusive by Design


    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    Your love isn’t cookie cutter, basic or boring…. and your jewelry shouldn’t be either!

    Creating unique one-of-a-kind jewelry creations that tell the stories of my client’s love and relationship has earned me the moniker “the ring whisperer”. With a lifetime portfolio of over 3,000 distinct jewelry pieces, I have honed a unique experiential process that ensures your rings will be as unique as you are!
    It all starts with thoughtfully framed open-ended questions where I get to know you and what you are looking for in rings or other jewelry. Then through preliminary sketches, guided gem selection, and wax models to try on the design will take shape. This process culminates in the casting party, where you take hold of the torch to personally cast your ring!
    I firmly believe that everyone should be able to wear jewelry that mirrors their authentic identity. By discarding conventional gender-based jewelry labels and societal assumptions, we can focus on creating pieces that speak to your soul.
    In my dedication to  sustainable craftsmanship, I exclusively use 100% recycled precious metals from a US based refiner. In addition, I only sell responsibly and ethically sourced gemstones and diamonds. By collaborating with mainly small-scale and family owned vendors, I’m able to create jewelry that nurtures both our heart and our home.
    I love vintage jewelry, and up-cycling is a passion of mine. By utilizing gemstones and jewelry pieces you may have already or from my growing collection we can expand our possibilities. So yes, your gems and jewelry are welcome here as potential elements of your new future heirloom!


    My Hobbies

    Outside of creating unique hand crafted jewelry, I enjoy roller skating, gardening, face time “dates” with my daughter away at college, and spending time with my family. I live on beautiful Bainbridge Island, and love my ferryboat commute to work every day! I also run a delightful little Hobbit House Airbnb in our backyard!

    I enjoy volunteering my time for the Rotary Auction (the largest one day rummage sale in the world) as well as taking lots of business classes with The GSBA and SCORE Seattle. There’s always something to learn!

    Opening Glitter and Gold

    It was a combined catalyst of the pandemic and my 50th birthday that fueled the spark to finally pursue my dream of opening my own studio — one where I could invite clients in to experience the art of creating unique and meaningful jewelry.  I love to celebrate love in all forms, and having my own space allows me the freedom to help my clients be themselves fully while exploring options for their upcoming wedding or special ceremony.

    My appointment based model (Including virtually!) has given me the opportunity to put my focus back on my clients. Our unlimited and uninterrupted time lets us feel free to try ideas, collaborate, and play- which leads to better experiences and ultimately better jewelry.

    Mary at Glitter and Gold created our custom wedding band/engagement ring set and hit it out of the park on all fronts. She is super easy to communicate with, very knowledgeable about her craft, asks all the important questions, and has great vendor connections to help get the job done. We wanted a particular, uncommon color of Guatemalan jade and she was able to find a vendor who showed us options in Glitter and Gold. She worked fast, and even stayed late to host us a ring casting event in the studio. We love love love the final result and loved going through the process with her as well. Absolute 5 star experience. Thank you Mary!
    Sophia Brown via Google

    Offering 10% off new ring/band/jewelry custom project through December 31st 2023 for Offbeat Wed clients only!

    Additionally I offer FREE consultations and initial design sketches for all my clients, without the worry of commitment (save your commitment for your partner/s!) It can be daunting to think about custom design, and I want to remove all barriers possible to show you how custom can be perfect for you!

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