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Whitney and Marley had two officiants to wrangle their Jewish and Christian interfaith ceremony in Sequim, WA. They had both communion and Kiddush amongst what has to be one of the most beautiful locales in the history of me seeing things. The brides were just chilling in the lush gardens of The Cutting Garden during the golden hour, and it makes me want to roll around in the grass like a puppy first discovering the backyard. Plus, super sweet first look incoming.

The pair had this ceremony in September, just two months before Washington passed Referendum 74, allowing for same-sex marriages. But do not fret: they were able to make it legal right after. (It makes me anxious for my own state to get it going!) Thanks to Sunshine Charlie for sharing this wedding with us, and we are uber jealous that you got to experience it first-hand.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! These pictures just radiate love and happiness, I’m a little verklempt.

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