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First looks can be a romantic time to enjoy your first view of each other without having to do it in front of all your guests. Here are some of our favorite wedding first looks.

What's a "false first look" and why does it have seriously real romance going on?

What’s a “false first look” and why does it have seriously real romance going on?

Holly and Chris held their wedding at Sand Pond, New Hampshire at Holly’s late grandparents’ house. Our favorite idea to snag was their “false first look.” They didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony, but still wanted to have that first look moment. Enter a totally blind first look with some hand holding and sweet nothings.

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The handmade masks at this Chicago Halloween wedding are #goals

Sam and Justin’s Chicago Halloween wedding featured handmade costumes, vinyls, a flower girl throwing googly eyes, and a first look in a cemetery. Before the ceremony, they rocked some portraits at Laurie’s Planet of Sound and Ash’s Magic Shop. Our favorite part was the elaborate handmade Halloween masks and subsequent mask makeouts. Halloween couples: it’s time to be inspired, and like the sign says, “Let’s get weird.”

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Surprise your dad with his own first look (and make us weep!)

By now you maaay know my love for first looks. They just get me every damned time. But Danielle’s take on the first look really got me right there in the ticker. She decided to have a DAD FIRST LOOK. Sure, dad might already be seeing you before the ceremony if you’re going that route (and if he’s there), but doing the surprise-and-turn just makes it that much more adorable.

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13 first looks that will melt your heart (and your panties)

If you’re not already a sucker for a sappy, tearful, heart-smooshing first looks, we’re gearing up to make you one. Grins, fist pumps, and of course, squee-inducing groom tears — some of the best reactions come from the first look. Behold some of our favorite first looks ever, and just try not to grin like a Cheshire cat the whole way through.

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Shyn & D’Angelo’s laid-back recycled wedding

Reusing, recycling, and a little dumpster diving totally made this wedding into a low-maintenance cleanup wonder with awesome DIY projects like a wine cork guest book, self-catered picnic noms, and jam jar lanterns. A custom-made dress and Prohibition Era attire made it super stylish on top of that! Add in the lush green ceremony space, and you’ll be googly-eyed for this couple.

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Beth & Garrett’s nerdy boozy musical kickballer wedding

Home-brewed beer (including beer ceremony), an Elvis officiant, a hilarious camp wedding guide, and a cocktail hour with lawn games and merit badges — you’ve just described my perfect camp-out party. Don’t even get us started on the tearful first look, the Sharpie pre-tattoo rings, the dads’ pre-ceremony chest bump, and the time-traveling video invitation. Oh, and there’s one more video that we’re keeping a secret. Trust me, you have to see it.