Have your guests “leaf” a signature in a wooden tree guest book

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We've seen fingerprint tree guest books, and we've seen wooden guest books, but now we've seen what happens when you combine them: a wooden guest tree! Lola and Jimmy DIYed the tree and all its little leaves to make this amazing memento. And, of course, guests were encouraged to “leaf” a signature.

If you're handy with DIY, definitely try this out; otherwise Etsy's got you covered.

guest tree at reception

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  1. We did something like this for our wedding in the fall, but with paper. I painted a tree on foam core then cut out leaves for guests to sign. My next project is to glue the leaves to the tree and put the whole thing in a shadow box so that the leaves can be “3D”

  2. We’re doing something similar – paper leaves for the guests to sign and attach to a LED-lighted cherry blossom tree. Later I will take the leaves off and put them in an album – I do like these more permanent display ideas a bit better, but I will still have the pieces from mine even if I don’t keep them together.

  3. When I first saw the picture at the top I thought the couple were handing out free violin chin rests…

  4. We are going to use this for our reception since our wedding will be rather small. We are welders, so we are going to make the tree out of metal and then make maple leaves out of metal which our guests can sign and place on the tree where they want it so we can later display it in our house. We thought maple leaves would give people more space to write, if they don’t want to just sign their name.

  5. Hi! I was wondering where you got your leaf tree guest book? What kind of paint did they use or did they stain it?

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