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3018118418 0eeec4b2ca m alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)The Offbeat Bride: Misty, CNA

Her Offbeat Partner: Dell, Repo Man

Location & date of wedding: Meditation Garden at the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach, VA — October 31, 2008

What made our wedding offbeat: We definitely bucked tradition by having a handfasting in the ceremony, having wine in a dragon goblet (the last of which was offered to Mother Earth) and invoking the Lord and Lady to bless our union! Add to that a multi-faith Reverend who is a female, and the Witchy-Gothy wedding was complete!

The venue was amazing; the A.R.E. is the center started by Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet of the 1930's. He lived here in Virginia Beach! I also had my best friend's husband give me away, as my father is deceased. We scoured Ebay for items, and decided on simple decorations for the wedding garden — red and black fabric, tied to the trees, blowing in the wind. Add to that pots of incense, and it was truly magickal.3018077652 86510a754a m alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)

Our biggest challenge: It was difficult to find information on, and ideas for, this ceremony. Enduring the ‘looks' we got from traditional wedding shops and such was difficult. I was fortunate enough to find places online like Kambriel and Arcadium Clothing, though. We did not compromise our vision for this ceremony in any way, shape, or form… we simply searched until we found what we needed.


My favorite moment: Our actual ceremony, where the groom couldn't take his eyes off of my cleavage — my corset really made my 34DDs impossible to ignore. It was difficult holding a straight face and not laughing out loud as I watched his eyes glued to my gravity-defying rack. After the ceremony as we were leaving in the limo, he kept saying, “Where did THOSE come from?” *poke poke* He was like a little boy with a new toy.

OMG, look how cute the cake + rubber ducky combo is!
OMG, look how cute the cake + rubber ducky combo is!

Another memorable moment was when I snapped a photo of my mom and best friend as we were getting ready — there is a very clear, well-lit paranormal orb in front of my friend's face! It is pink in color, and there are two more to the right of it. I am an amateur ghosthunter, and had invited my relatives who have already crossed over to attend the wedding. Looks like a few of them showed up!

My advice for other offbeat brides: I WISH I would have found Offbeat Bride back in March '08 when I started planning; it would have made things so much simpler!

Do not settle. if you can't buy what you want, consider making it or having a talented friend do so. I made our handfasting cord out of heavy, tasseled drapery tiebacks and a few little items (online the prices started at $75). We bought our reception decor mostly at the dollar store, and got creative with it. I ripped up plastic tablecloths (black and red) to make “bows” for the chair backs… the possibilities are endless!

Gratuitous boob-staring!
Gratuitous boob-staring!

We saved a ton of money by having our reception at a local restaurant called The Purple Cow — it is a fun, funky, 50s-style burger joint. They had a small room off to the side they use for meetings, birthday parties, etc. We were allowed to decorate the room as we pleased, and the staff got the biggest kick out of it. They allowed us to use the room for FREE, all they asked was that the check be $50 or more, which was no problem. We ordered their catering menu.

I wanted trays of shots for my guests, so I looked online for shots with appropriate/scary names — “The Abortion,” “Dead Nazi,” “The Hanged Witch,” etc. I approached the owner with these recipes, and he deemed it “fine.” I also got him to order Vampire wine, Bulls Blood wine and Witch's Brew beer. You can add so much to the ambience just by using your head!

The bottom line is, create a vision of what you want and don't stop until it's realized!

Enough talk — show me the wedding inspo!

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  1. Oh my gosh can I just say I love your blog and you u are HISTERICAL! I do wedding makeup and it is so much fun to see brides that think out of the box! Love the Grooms Tux!

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    Skylar Simons

  3. I love it! I never knew the Cayce Meditation Garden could be transformed so. I've been there many times and I am delighted at how they transformed the tranquil setting into a very spiritually spooky scene. I'll never visit the garden and see it in the same way again. Most lovely pics! Hats off to The Purple Cow for being so awesome!

  4. Glad you guys liked this………it was so much fun to plan and execute this wedding! Yes, the corset boob effect was quite entertaining in so many ways……….

    • I got the blouse from Ebay…………try searching "medusa head blouse" on there!

  5. That is a great weding. Im kinda looking for the same sort of thing. I really like the grooms coat. where did you get it.

  6. A couple of years later and we are still madly in love and still talk about that wedding. We are so glad we didn’t cave to the pressure of what is deemed ‘socially appropriate’. I hope that other brides have found inspiration from us!

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