Did Jessica McClintock create the perfect offbeat wedding dresses?

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After doing a ton of wedding profiles, I started to notice a recent offbeat wedding trend. Apparently, Jessica McClintock has captured the hearts of offbeat brides this past season with her black and white wedding dresses.

Photos courtesy of www.JessicaMcClintock.com
Photos courtesy of Jessica McClintock. The floor length dress is called Jacqueline, style no. 54222 and the short dress is called Katie, style no. 54207.

With it's dramatic contrast between black and white  and vintage-style lace, it's like a classic wedding dress with a punk-rock edge. And it's easy to see why brides are having a love affair with these dresses. Of course, in true OBB style, each bride who wore this fabulous dress made completely her own…

I first saw the black and white beauty when I profiled this amazing Pigeon Forge wedding
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Jenn rocked this dress out with a pair of red cowboy boots a black veil/fascinator and a sexy, bad-ass attitude.

And then, there it was again at a backyard wedding in Wyoming

the happy bride

Jenny customized the heck out of her dress with black lace trim and splashes of color. I'm not exactly sure how she did it, but what I do know is that it's kinda' amazing! And, come on, how many other wedding dresses have been worn on the summit of the Grand Teton!?

Then I saw the funky, spunky short dress at a this Houston, Texas wedding


Shablis accented the dress with two different pairs of shoes (the black and white heels pictured above and maroon chucks and socks) plus the, now infamous, “Don't Panic” button.

And now a sneak peak of a wedding we have yet to profile…


Amber here chose the perfect dress for her black and white damask wedding, did she not? And it looks freaking stunning with a birdcage veil and bright red roses. Plus that necklace makes me wanna DIE like Rachel Zoe.

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Comments on Did Jessica McClintock create the perfect offbeat wedding dresses?

    • I bought my dream dress from Jessica McClintock, it’s boned, ivory, and has a cake bottom and trail. Fits so perfectly and is beautiful. I got it half off so it was $300. Will be wearing it October 15th 🙂 She makes such great quality things with awesome style

  1. I thought about the short dress a while back but I don't have the money for it.. 🙁

  2. That short dress was on my style radar from a while back. Glad to get a reminder of how much I like it!

  3. Beautiful Spanish influence! My only regret is that the model in the ad is in desperate need of a sandwhich.

  4. I bought the short dress for my wedding, it's absolutely STUNNING and was amazingly true to size! Plus it's going to look amazing with the Chuck Taylors I'll be wearing.

    So yes, she makes some pretty kick-ass dresses!

  5. Those are incredible!! Oh boy do I want one! Even if not for my wedding … I could wear this EVERYWHERE!!

  6. Not to rain on anyone's parade – really, I mean it – but isn't there something strange in claiming "offbeatitude" about a dress that was made by such a mainstream designer? I mean, and this isn't the first time I've noticed this, but don't you guys realize that being "offbeat" really isn't all that offbeat? Especially in cases where there's still an expensive dress, a fancy cake, and a fairly large guest list? I know Ariel's made plain and clear that where you are on the offbeat spectrum doesn't matter – and that's great and important; but isn't there some bit of denial in claiming such uniqueness based on pretty popular trends?

  7. Sarah, if you didn't want to rain on anyone's parade, then why comment? I don't think there's anything "wrong" or "anti-offbeat" about using clothes from a mainstream designer, or about having a fancy frock or a big guestlist (mine's small, but that's because I don't know that many people!).
    As far as I can tell, most any wedding is going to have some traditional elements – be it the readings, the rings, being walked down the aisle etc. Most of what I see on this site is not so much "We are SO amazingly one off!" and more "We made our wedding totally our own". If that includes a designer frock, who cares? Apart from you, I mean 😉

  8. Slightly upset that the "Jacqueline" is no longer on the website, they are all gorgeous!

  9. I wore a lace Jessica McClintock dress for my first wedding WAY back in 1994 (and looking at those pictures makes me feel like it was a bad idea back then — shoulder pads. In a wedding dress? Say it isn't so.), so imagine my horror when I found myself drawn to the same designer again.

  10. A friend of mine wore one of those dresses at her wedding and she looked amazing. Very offbeat beautiful.

  11. I wored a Jessica McClintock for my wedding this past July! I bought it on ebay for $168 in a size big. All I needed was to have the corset taken in and rent a crinolin. I think it may also have been designed as a prom gown cause it also comes in pink. http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/4zBKUqJLxA1M

    Loved it! Have no regrets with that dress. I didn't over spend on it and I am left with 0 guilt. 🙂 Plus after looking at all the Wedding Gown Porn I was happy to find a dress I loved. We got married in a mason's temple – LOVED IT!

  12. Anyone have any ideas on where to get the longer one (Jacqueline), since it's not on their website anymore? Anyone have one they're selling, in a street size 8 or 10? It's so pretty…

    • This dress is on my (growing) list of 'potential wedding dresses'. The other cool thing is that Unique Vintage also sells it in different color combos too!

  13. would love to find a dress that's white like this except with PURPLE lace embellishments- any ideas, seen anything snazzy around??

  14. I bought my wedding dress new at an auction for $20.00 – it was a jessica McClintock, although not any of the styles she carries currently. A-line with a side princess-y split.

  15. OMG 🙂 I wore the short dress to my prom earlier this year. It was awesome, with the lace, and, it didn’t LOOK like a bridal dress because of how it was short. It was beautiful :’)

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