Brides are sick of white dresses

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… Or at least Canadian brides are. Just one more way in which Canadians are more progressive than us Yanks. (via)

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  1. Oh you’d better believe we love our non-white gowns! I can’t wait to wear my red dress. xo

  2. I couldn’t agree more! With a “non-wedding” dress you will find the prices are much lower, and you can wear it again to other events. I might even borrow mine….

  3. I just fell completely in love with Pronovias’ Henares dress! I had never felt this way about a piece of clothing and until I saw it was quite against spending a large amount of money on a dress that is worn once. But now truly considering wearing it instead of my short Emeline Lace (Coast). I am even thinking of ways to wear it over and over again (sister’s wedding maybe? hummm). I have a non-white thing going on in any case! Not Canadian though 😉

  4. hee, this is funny. I’m Canadian and i’m still looking for my perfect hot pink or red dress.(i look awful in white – i’m a pale blonde.)

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