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    Tara McMullen-King
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    My name is Tara McMullen-King, and I am the magical creatrix behind Witchy Woman Weddings. Known as the “Wedding Witch of Salem,” I craft and officiate wedding, commitment, and vow renewal ceremonies for couples who want a unique celebration they will remember for a lifetime!

    It is oftentimes a struggle for me to not shed happy tears when I marry my clients, because my heart is ridiculously big and I really, truly care about the couples I work with. I try to go all out to make sure they have the best ceremony ever – my own wedding day was the best day of my life, and I want to make sure other couples can walk away from their own special day feeling that same excitement and jubilation.

    ​I work with local couples as well as folks from across the country – and beyond – who want to travel to Salem to pledge their commitment to each other here. For travelers, I am a local expert and a valuable resource, providing personalized advice and recommendations to help them and their guests plan a successful trip to the Witch City. I also offer basic event planning consulting for all my clients, and have certain décor items and equipment available for them to rent.

    While I primarily officiate ceremonies here in Salem and the surrounding North Shore region, I am available for ceremonies across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as Rhode Island and New Hampshire!

    I am a member of the International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants (IAPWO) and the Salem Chamber of Commerce, and have pursued advanced studies in professional ceremony officiation and wedding planning. In 2021, I also completed intensive coursework offered by the New York Institute of Art and Design and certified by the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC), the world's largest professional wedding planning organization. Prior to founding Witchy Woman Weddings, I spent almost 15 years assisting with small- and large-scale event design and coordination projects, including professional conferences, fundraising events and galas, psychic fairs, and personal celebrations.

    So… hiring me as your officiant also gives you access to the insights I have gleaned from years of experience in wedding and event planning, as well as trip planning advice if you are coming to Salem for a destination wedding or elopement! Not only do you gain access to my “planning brain” – but I have spent hours and hours creating curated lists of recommended venues, vendors, and service providers.

    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    I strongly believe that every couple deserves a personalized ceremony that is specifically tailored to them, and not some stale script read by an uninspired officiant who has performed the same basic ceremony over and over. So in 2020… I launched Witchy Woman Weddings to help couples create wedding, commitment, and vow renewal ceremonies that honor their backgrounds, passions, and quirks! Using a combination of writing acumen, research skills, intuition, and magic, I work with offbeat couples to conjure up unique ceremonies that will be remembered forever.

    My particular specialties include Intimate Elopements, Non-Religious, Spiritual-But-Not-Religious, Profoundly Romantic, Halloweeny, Witchy, Gothy, Geeky, Theme-Inspired, Celtic, Viking, Nature-Loving, Pagan, or Wiccan ceremonies. I also offer vow renewals and non-legal commitment ceremonies – such as handfastings – and as a queer person myself, I want to work with and support as many LGBTQ+ couples as I can.

    As part of your ceremony, I can seamlessly incorporate as many meaningful unity rituals as you would like. My standing record is four within one single ceremony… that was a fun one!

    In addition to being an officiant, I am also an artist, a musician, a retired performer with the Boston League of Women Wrestlers, an ordained minister, an Eclectic Witch, and an initiated Wiccan Priestess of one of the British Traditional Witchcraft traditions. And as a psychic witch, I use clairaudience and clairsentience and often work with tarot cards, Lenormand cards, runes, tasseography, crystals, scrying, and candle magick.

    For those of you into astrology who would like to know my “Big Three”… my sun sign is Aquarius, my rising sign is Virgo, and my moon sign is Pisces!

    "We could not imagine our wedding without Tara! From the moment we found Tara’s website, we knew we had found the perfect officiant for us. Working with Tara was hands-down the best and easiest part of our wedding planning! Tara has so much experience and was able to guide us in everything from vendor selection, marriage license prep and curating the perfect ceremony. She was always available for questions and helped us in every way plan the most beautiful, destination wedding in Salem, MA. She took the time to get to know us and her efforts were evident to everyone who had the honor of hearing her words during our ceremony. There was not a dry eye in the house! Almost every vendor we worked with, including the Salem city clerks who filed our paperwork, know and love Tara! If you are looking for a personal, intimate, unique and authentic officiant/wedding planner, it really doesn’t get better than Tara!"
    --- Lola and Jason ---

    "We are so blessed to have come across Tara while planning our October 13th elopement in Salem. As a practitioner of Witchcraft, it was extremely important to me to have our ceremony conducted by a fellow Witch… to say we were excited when Tara responded to our email is an understatement! Tara blew us away with her professionalism, patience, kindness, and creativity. She is always quick to reply, and is a wealth of knowledge on how to navigate getting married in Massachusetts (we are from Nova Scotia, Canada, and were having trouble finding information about getting married away) – she has loads of recommendations in her toolbox. While including aspects of a ritual, the ceremony conjured was unique; intuitively and eloquently written by Tara. She incorporated the elements and simplicity of my practice, and weaved in the most beautiful, soul touching words. She took the time to get to know us and was happy to include our little witchlings in the ritual… and she left quite the impression on them! I can truly say our day would not have had the magick and impact it did had it not been for her. If you are looking for a traditional or “traditional-ish” Witch/Wiccan ceremony, reach out to Witchy Woman Weddings. You will not be disappointed."
    --- Brie and Mike ---

    "Salem seemed like a great place to have a handfasting ceremony performed – and we found Tara online. She hosted a Zoom call for myself and my partner – with all three of us dialing in from different cities – and she took the time to listen to our questions about handfasting, both as a tradition and as a bonding a couple might want to perform. Tara was thoughtful, shared ample details, spent a significant amount of time with us online, and we agreed to have her perform our ceremony. Tara was such a delight. The ceremony, her laying out the tradition we were about to enter into, the meaning to us and our place as bound together in this universe, her thoughtful inclusion of personal facts she had gleaned from our texts, emails, and Zoom call – all of it was flawless. Tara is such an illuminating soul – she filled the room with her positive energy, and we felt as if our best friend was joining us together in this union. Can't recommend Tara highly enough. Wonder human. Amazing celebrant. Loving soul in this universe."
    --- Dave and Amethyst ---

    "Tara immediately responded to our inquiry form on her website and provided expert advice, reassurance, and encouragement. After the one exchange, we were hooked! Our initial Zoom meeting was like chatting with an old friend, and that has to be one of our favourite qualities about Tara; she NEVER makes you feel like an after-thought or just another bride in the mix. Tara is hands down the best officiant I have EVER seen, and I am so honoured to have been on the receiving end of those services. Our guests are STILL talking about her ceremony speech, and we have printed it out to keep in our wedding book. She is attentive, detail-oriented, extremely patient, and went above and beyond to reassure myself and my husband, providing support and guidance as well as relief and validation. I'd get married again JUST to work with Tara. We cannot recommend her enough, and would endorse her services for as long as she is in business. We will miss you, Tara!!"
    --- Michelle and Tommy ---

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