Collect years of sweet wishes from your guests with a Wish Tree

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Yet another great concept for the “steal this idea!” vault, this one courtesy of Hope Meng, founder of Stich Lounge:

Red envelopes are traditionally given by chinese people on days of celebration filled with money. instead, we asked that all guests at our wedding participate in our ceremony by writing their wishes for our marriage on a card and placing it in the red envelope. the bridespeople and groomspeople walked down the aisle with baskets and collected all the wishes from the guests, then placed it at the altar. we were then married surrounded by everyone's good wishes for our marriage. each envelope had a number written on it, from 1 to 60. We will open all envelopes labeled “1” on our first wedding anniversary, all envelopes labeled “50” on our 50th wedding anniversary, etc

Lots more pictures from Hope's gorgeous wedding are over on Flickr!

(Thanks to hopemeng for the photo!)

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  1. I’ve heard of wish trees before, but the way this couple did it is both beautiful and unique. Yes, this one will be tucked away in my “ideas that rock” folder.

  2. […] This post on Offbeat Bride talks about an awesome way to incorporate the Chinese hong bao into an American wedding. Hong bao are little red envelopes, which are filled with money and given to children on New Year’s, and to the bridal couple at weddings. Instead of asking for cash, though, this couple asked their guests to write a wish for the couple, and put it in the lucky red bags. […]

  3. I hate myself because all I could think of was, this would be the saddest thing ever if one spouse died before they ran out of anniversaries.

    • Yeah, I thought that too 🙁
      I tend to be an optimist, but my mind can’t help but jump to worst case scenario.

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