Short wedding up-do

Guest post by Scunshine

Despite being stressed out about my hair before my wedding, my short hair turned into a marvelous updo. It can be done! Here's some hope for you all.

I started my day off pretty early, going on errands and such, getting ready for my hair appointment at 11. this picture was taken at 11:25, with the stylist MIA and my sister in law getting really pissed off for me. This is pretty much how I do my hair every day now, except soon I'll get it cut so lame ponytail won't be my only option

Once the hairstylist got there, at 11:35, she worked my hair into quite an interesting shape. She gave me more volume than my hair will ever dream of having on its own.

The finished product made me really happy. This photo shows the curls the best. Isn't my sister's hair the cutest bob? I'm envious.

…And this is the glamor shot of the day!

So for anyone stressing about special occasion hair, there's really no need. My hair is still at the awkward in between stage, and look what a good stylist can do with it! I did grow it out a bit and took vitamins to help it along, but go with short hair if you want!

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