How’s about a little vintage wedding inspiration?

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Mum and Dad's wedding day

Ariel and I were squeeing like squeebies over some vintage photos that were sent to us via Twitter. (Thanks @zwizh!) We thought you might want to squee along with us.

Tres Hippies, El Paso, September, 1975

This photo is entitled “Tres Hippies, El Paso, September, 1975.” The one in the middle is the groom. Now *I* die.

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The sextastic short dresses and the colors that everyone is rocking on this photo. I think the groomsman's purple suit and the bridesmaid's shoes are killing it!

Spanish wedding couple

The description of this photos says, “Found image. I think this is a 1920s wedding. It was the custom in some parts of Spain to be married in your best dress which would have been black. I bought this photograph in Madrid.” I don't know what I love more, the headpiece, the dress, or that epic ‘stache.


I have a happy-time thing for bridesmaids wearing veils. And I think that these little veils might actually be the same turquoise blue as their dresses. Oh '50s fashion, how I adore thee.

Vintage 1955 Wedding

This wedding photo from 1955 is just a stunning piece of wedding photography. I could stare at it all day. This photo is of Flickr member DevaVB‘s mom and dad, and, she tells me, they were married for fifty-five years!

If you have awesome vintage wedding photos, share a link in the comments!

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  1. I love it! It would be great to have this every Friday!

    Then it wouldnt be Monday Montage, but Friday… Funtage? Dunno. But please make it a thing! =)

  2. Yes, please do make this a regular Friday thing!

    Also, Tres Hippies, I die as well. FH and his buddies should seriously consider that look.

  3. i love it! And OMG! Does the first bride have a horseshoe sewn into her dress??? thats awesome!
    BTW, what constitutes vintage?

  4. Oh, yes. Yes we do. So much so that this is my first post and I’ve been reading this page since it’s inception.

    Also, can anyone tell me about what appears to be a horse shoe hanging on the first dress?

    • In Scotland children traditionally give horseshoes on ribbon to the bride for good luck as they come out of the church (or ceremony) so I think she is just holding it and it’s blending in with the dress.

  5. Love this post!!!! Hippie groom?? Hells yes for their awesomeness !!!!!

  6. also, if we have vintage pics to share, should we send them via twitter or add them to the flickr pool?

  7. I love this! I’m hoping to set out some photos of weddings in my family at my own wedding. Snapping up picture frames at garage sales this summer for this express purpose!

  8. YES PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that made my day. totally. πŸ˜€

  9. YES! I love the last photo, the couple just make you feel happy! You can almost taste the excitement and happiness. The 20’s pic is my fave! This Alaska girlie needs more to drool over at work!

  10. Oh yes please!

    I love the Victoria and Albert Museum’s online wedding photo archive. Well worth a look if you love vintage brides. πŸ˜€

  11. OhpleaseOhpleaseOhpleaseOhpleaseOhplease

  12. I’m going to be the odd one out and say I might get burnt out if this were an EVERY Friday thing. While I love vintage weddings (I’m wearing an antique 1930s dress from my vintage collection and veil & my hubby-to-be has a tux w/ tails from 1933), there is such thing as too much of a good thing. Love the feature though, especially the 2nd pic. You don’t see too many awesome 70s wedding pictures, of grooms at that!

      • You could totally switch off shoe posts and vintage photographs every other Friday! I love both of them, so I would love that even more!

      • Exactly! And I would DIE without shoes. Okay, so maybe not die… but I adore the shoe posts πŸ™‚

  13. LOVE this idea! Maybe once a month? Give you time to build up lots of good photos.

  14. What a killer idea!
    I will definitely be sending Megan a pic of my parent’s 1974 wedding. Mustard colored bridesmaids (w/ matching veils!), brown ruffle tuxedos, and long hair galore. Squeee!

  15. Yes please make this a regular feature! Fabulous photographs, especially the one with Tres Hippies!

  16. I squeed and squeed and then…I squeed some more. Yes! Please make this a regular feature!

  17. yes. please do this. we read so much about ‘vintage style’ and ‘vintage weddings’ and they’re not really – they’re old-fashioned themed. and that’s okay, mine is too. but these photos are really lovely.

  18. Adore this – completely! I would love to know more about vintage weddings from the clothing to how they got things done.

  19. Wow, I love these pictures! Partly because I love vintage styles anyway, but also because it really helps to keep things in perspective. That ‘traditional’ white strapless ballgown that people keep saying you ‘must’ have doesnt seem so important in the grand scheme of things. I’d love to see this as a regular feature.

    • Definitely agree with this. It’s great to actually see how things have been done before, especially if you’re going for a vintage feel with your own modern wedding. It’s really nice to look at pictures like these and say, “They didn’t fit into the wedding cookie cutter, why do I have to?”

  20. Yes please!

    I’m dying over the first picture. Bride and Groom in gloves?! Absolute love. Can we get a gloves accessory day?

  21. I will definitely submit a picture from my parents’ 1973 college-kid hippie wedding… my dad wore a linen TUNIC embroidered with big bright multicolored flowers. He completed the look by wearing a turtleneck underneath. The best man, minister, and priest (yes there were both) had matching tunics in a different color. It’s quite precious.

  22. A groom in white gloves! Horseshoe in the bouquet! Full circle skirts! Wax flower headpiece! Bellbottoms! LOVE!

  23. I love this! I will go visit my mom and scan copies from my parent’s 1973 wedding. All the bridesmaids had different colored, very 1970’s dresses πŸ™‚

  24. I *love* the expressions in the first photo. Also, that they’re both wearing gloves.

  25. LOVE THIS!! Also I think it’s funny that all the things we are told are ‘tacky’…short dresses, colored dresses etc etc seem to be rampant in the past!!

    PLEASE Make this a regular feature!!!

  26. Yes! Keep ’em coming! I’ll have to ask my friend for a pic from her wedding, where she wore her grandmother’s dress… and from my parents’ wedding, where mom wore the same dress that two of her friends had worn before her… and! and! and! *faints from excitement*

  27. YES YES YES YES YES! Love it. It’s a good reminder that the wedding is a single day/point in time, but the marriage is what lasts a lifetime. Also a good forewarning of being too trendy πŸ™‚ I don’t think I’d get sick of it if it were every week, myself.

  28. *_* I nearly swallowed my gum when I saw the beautiful Madrid picture… hmm, I think I found a bit of inspiration among the vintage photos :3

  29. I absolutely love this idea. I would LOVE to see moar!!!!!!!

    plz. I’ll even see what I can dig up from my family!

  30. Yes! I’ve been scouring vintage stores all week looking for that top dress in my size. Moar pleez!

  31. Here’s a picture of my great-grandparents in their wedding duds:

    Actually I’m glad I found I already had this scanned because I want to print it for my wedding and wasn’t sure where to find it in my parents’ place haha. Anyway, they were married for almost 70 years before my great-grandfather passed away when I was in high school!

    • This picture is absolutely stunning!! Your great grandparents were very good looking….especially your grandma! Talk about a hottie with that hair and beautiful lips! Her wedding dress is so gorgeous!

  32. ZOMG!! Please please!! MORE MORE!! I love love love weddings from all time periods. The second picture…that groom…wow!!

    The first photo is just beautiful as well. I would not be sad at all if this became a thing on this site. Awesome awesome.

    I have my grandparents wedding pictures and my great grandparents as well. I would totally send them in for a vintage day thing like this.

  33. Love the dresses on all these ladies! The Hippie photo is great. I am from El Paso and I think I may even know where it was taken from, haha!

  34. LOVE THIS! I have a couple from my mom’s wedding that are pretty delightful. One with them kneeling at the… whatever kneely thing religious ceremonies have, my dad’s groomsmen had taped the words “HELP” and “ME” on the under side of his feet. Classy as hell.

  35. I love this. It would be cool to see photos like these around twice a month πŸ˜€

  36. Please please please make this a regular thing. I always look foreword to Monday Montage and I would looooooove to look forward to this too! Sqeeeeeeeeeeee!

  37. Please keep this coming!!! I actually have some old vintage family wedding photos from the 50’s and even earlier that have become treasured possessions since I got engaged so I love seeing more!

  38. OMG YES!!!!!!!!

    I nearly exploded from delight at seeing this.

    My wedding inspiration is 19th century-1920sish (actually, as 19th century as we can get), so the fourth picture made me actually squeal. Out loud. with joy, because that’s what I want some of our pictures to look like.

    Count me IN for wanting this to be a regular thing!


  39. Yes please! Would love to see some vintage pics from other cultures too. From South America, Asia, South Pacific and Africa.

  40. I would love for this to be an every week thing!! I love it πŸ™‚

  41. Oh yes please keep posting the old wedding photos it was a blast looking at them!

  42. this is awesome! I’ll dig up my ‘rents photos and scan them to youÒ€¦ when I have time lol. It’s a great way to end the week And so much vintage inspiration!

  43. oh yesssssss I love looking at vintage weddings photos …. now I gots to find my parents, grandparents wedding photos….. great idea to have vintage friday nights!!

  44. ABSOLUTELY – thoroughly enjoyed this!! The tres hippies stole my heart <3

  45. Yes! I smiled so much reading this post that my face hurts right now. πŸ™‚

  46. Yes! Yes! Yes! More vintage pics please!!! I love the first one out of the photos here!

  47. “So, vintage wedding photos Ò€” do we want to make this a regular funtime Friday snack or what?”


  48. I don’t know why, but I read all 5 pages of comments. I like how there are SO MANY people excited : )

  49. Yes, please make this a regular!
    I just love that first photo, they look so pretty and stylish!

  50. THIS is amazing. And I will totally contribute. For my wedding this past October I actually had a table with photos from our parents and grandparents weddings. It was a wedding-photo-family tree, kind of thing. So I’ve got some great shots from the 70s and 40s/50s. Love this.

  51. okay, i know i’m WAY late to the party, but this is awesome. while i was poking around the flickr group, i did some googling and found this site that has pages of wedding photos, dated from the late 1800s through today, all sorted by era. it’s such a neat look into the trends!

  52. AMAZING! Love the Vintage pics. This would be fantastic as a regular feature!

  53. This is fabulous ! My local paper runs a weekly story with a couple and their vintage wedding photos. Really cool to see the different styles over the decades. Thank you for such a wonderful post πŸ™‚

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