• Ice plants centerpiece, in grey/green, with lighted candles, and a lantern holding four mini lightsabers
  • Table plan realized as a customized map of magical creatures' dwellings
  • Magical Vows Wedding Planners and Emotion Designers

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    How I cater to offbeat weddings


    Costanza (she/her) and Daniela (she/her) here!

    We are based in Tuscany, Italy, and we know how stressful it can be to plan for a destination wedding.

    The language barrier, the cultural difference, it can all add up to the normal stress of planning.

    Here we come in help!

    We are two professionals coming from different journeys that both landed us in planning weddings for other people. We thrive on making sure that our spouses have all the accommodation they need and that your experience in Italy is the best you can dream.

    We’re both huge nerds, and I mean, Costanza is a Larper and a D&D DM, Daniela can’t stop creating things inspired by her passion of the moment, and we know how it feels not to be understood and you will never feel that way with us.

    We are LGBTQIA+ friendly, and our LGBTQIA+ spouses know that we’ll move mountains and seas to make sure that they have the best experience: the selection of vendors plays a very important factor, especially here in Italy, but let  me reassure you: most people are kind. And we weed out the rest.

    We have already worked with ND clients (especially autistic people and ADHD people), and Costanza discovered, in this  journey, that she’s ND as well. Daniela has a degree in psychology and we always make sure that our events are comfortable for our ND fellows that might be present. We get all the information for you and if you have special instructions, we work hard to make sure that our vendors and teams know exactly what to do during your event.

    Our aim is to create a safe space for you to express yourself fully, and then to create an atmosphere that matches your beautiful selves!

    So… just hit us up with a message or an email, and we’ll be back to you as soon as possible!

    Rebecca and Mark said: "Nerdy. If you want Nerdy and madness, clear your schedule, get a call and have fun! You're gonna get the most personal, authentic person, you'll have a friend."

    Katia said: "Costanza and Daniela were not afraid of our theme (Steampunk Circus), they went above and beyond our wildest expectations. The pacing was perfect, and they made sure that I wasn't overwhelmed by everything. If I could, I'd get married like that a hundred more times!"

    Oonagh: "You totally surpassed our expectations and helpes us to feel so calm and relaxed on our wedding day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts - we wish we could do it all again!"

    We know how difficult the situation is for our LGBTIQIA+ friends, in USA but not only. We want to encourage you to come here and have us taking care of you.

    For you, we want to make the ceremony moment extra special, so for all of you who'll decide to book a full Wedding Planning service with us, it'll be our pleasure to gift you the Symbolic Ceremony service. It includes the writing and celebration of a completely customized symbolic ceremony, and it's one way we love to make our spouses feel extra special.

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