Vintage snack: 1950s lace sleeves and lots of sass

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This cheeky couple couldn't have more personality. And seriously, her dress is just as in fashion now as it was then. It's so Grace Kelly and a certain recent famous wedding. Good fashion never dies.

And that door is ultra-opulent with its centered doorknob and molding. Here is what Isadora said about her submission:

This photo is of my maternal grandparents, Gladys and Sabin. She was Puerto Rican and he was Italian. I know that they were married in Manhattan sometime in the 1950s, but I don't remember the exact date. This photo shows off my grandpa's spirit so perfectly. Not only was he a world-class goofball, he had quite a lot of lovers before he met my abuelita. But once they met, he only had eyes for her.

The interesting thing about this photo is that Gladys had three younger sisters who also loved it. So they each used this pose at their own weddings. But in those photos, that's what it looks like — a forced pose. So I guess the moral of the story is don't try to copy someone else's moment. Invent your own!


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  1. So awesome!! They look so good together and I’m glad you commented on the door because it is awesome as well.

  2. I absolutely love this photo and the romantic story behind it. You had such good looking grandparents.

    I uploaded it to tumblr (with credit, link and quote), hope you don’t mind 🙂

  3. What a beautiful woman- no wonder your grandfather gave up other girls when he met her! I love this photo.

  4. Oh, this is too cute! Oddly enough, hubs and I have a picture of his grandparents in a nearly identical pose except his grandpa is crouched down holding his shoe and a sign that says “do not disturb” SO cute!

  5. What a fantastic picture! Everything about it is so perfect 🙂

    On a different note, am I the only one who finds the title “Vintage Snack” kind of odd?

  6. Wewt for sleeve brides! Soooo hard to get a hold of a dress with sleeves to try on these days even with it on trend, let alone buy. Thank goodness I’m making mine! Such a cute, fun photo though.

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