More natural black wedding hairstyles to lead you towards hair bliss

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Photo by via Black Girl Long Hair
Photo by Petronella Photography, hairstyle by Khamit Kinks, hairpiece by Olivia Headpieces via Munaluchi Bridal

This isn't the first time we've featured some natural-haired beauties, but there are some gorgeously textured, kinked, and waved ladies in this photo haul. But first, let's revisit our previous editions of natural hair love in case you need to catch up:

Now that you're caught-up, we're going to throw EVEN MORE immaculately-coiffed styles at you that you can store in your inspiration brain bank. Prepare thy pinner-fingers.

Photo by Allebach Photography
Photo by via
Photo by MultiFocco via Black Girl Long Hair
Robert & Cecily
Robert & Cecily in Hawaii. Photo by Naomi Wong Photography
Styled by Khamit Kinks via Afrobella
Photo by From the Hip Photo
Keith and Hawzien in Denver, Photo by From the Hip Photo
Photo by Kat Forder via Tagg Magazine
photo by Kelly Williams, Photographer
Michael and Michelle in NYC, photo by Kelly Williams, Photographer
Photo by Old South Studios
Photo by Old South Studios via Black Girl Long Hair
Corey Torpie.
Rebecca and Meeka in New York, photo by Corey Torpie
Photo by Chelsey Boatwright, hair accessory by Jannie Baltzer via Hairstyle For Black Women
Photo by Creative Silence, hairstyle by Taji Natural Hair Styling via Natural Hair Bride
Photo by Lilian Haidar, hairstyle by Mann Nance via Munalucci Bridal

Want MORE? We've got more. Check out our full archive of natural hair that you can peruse at your leisure. We've also got an archive of all kinds of wedding hairstyles here.

Time to chime in: who's going to be rockin' a natural black hairstyle at their wedding?

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Comments on More natural black wedding hairstyles to lead you towards hair bliss

  1. Honestly I keep going back and forth on this. I have relaxed, curly hair, so I wear it curly most days. I wore my hair curly for the engagement and proposal pictures. I like my hair when it’s straight, I just never do it. I’m considering trying no-heat rollers to get a “natural straight” look that maintains the body of my hair, but gives me the vintage 40s/50s look I’d like to have.

    So yeah. Still undecided!

  2. I appreciate these kinds of posts SO MUCH. Even though I already know how I want my hair styled (I have locks), it’s just so nice to see a bridal site consistently feature diversity in such a meaningful way. There truly is always something for everyone here…I love OBB!

  3. I have dreadlocks so I will definitely be rocking a natural do. I have been looking at some up-dos and I think I found the perfect one. It is very simple but I love it. My fiance has never said much about my hair in all of the years that we have been together but the other day he randomly said that he is so happy I have natural hair. I know he’d love me either way but it’s nice to have the validation!

  4. So excited to see this! Rocking my fro this Saturday for my wedding! Kind of nervous because my family members have been giving me shit about my choice. They want me to straighten it because they just want me to look the most beautiful I can on my wedding day. Well I will by rocking my natural beauty. So sick of society brainwashing women of color to think that straight hair is the only way to be accepted as beautiful!

  5. Aaaargh all these women are so gorgeous! That’s all I wanted to say. Gorgeous.

  6. So, so, so, so, so gorgeous! I wish my hair did that- I love the natural body and texture those brides’ hair is sporting.

  7. Thank you so much for making posts like this, my biggest stress about my wedding day is what to do with my natural hair. I need all the inspiration I can get.

  8. thank you so much for the way you titled this post and for the content therein. so often when i’m looking for natural hair styles, especially for weddings, they are totally white washed posts. specifying that this post is for Black natural hair is phenomenal and important. i really appreciate.

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