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We are an alternative event planning + coordination company designed for the offbeat, unique, and themed events

How I cater to offbeat weddings


I am Angela Mortez, the creative director and mastermind behind Rock n’ Willow. I am a natural born leader being the oldest of three rambunctious girls and was lucky to have been brought up surrounded by diversity. I have a love for the performing arts, having performed in many school musicals and also dabbing into some stage crew experience. Being both on and off the stage gave me insight on how to put together a performance. That is how I see a wedding, as the biggest performance of your life!  Although my path led me to work in the medical field for the last ten years I chose to follow my passion and that is how I ended up here!

My looks may be deceiving because many guess my ethnicity wrong! I am 25% French, 25% Hungarian, and 50% Mexican. I can read, write, and speak Spanish but unfortunately I never picked up on French or Hungarian. I absolutely love Hispanic culture and incorporating traditions into our couples weddings. I personally had a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) themed wedding!

When I am not crafting or running around town for my clients you can find me on the dance floor, at a tattoo shop, or at a concert!


  • I love wearing my glasses 24/7. To sleep, in the shower, I even swim with them on!

  • I am an ex Goth, Scene, Punk kid (yeah, I had a lot of phases) and the one thing I carried into my adulthood was my obsession for anything black.

  • I am a beauty school drop out but I can still bust out my kit and cut, dye, and style hair for my friends and family.

  • I love being a plus sized woman and never let that affect my daily routine. A common misconception is all plus sized people are unhealthy but I am actually gluten free!

  • I have eleven tattoos and counting! It’s such a freedom of expression and I totally support brides deciding to show off their works of art on their big day!!


Hello there, my name is Silvia and I am the Glam to Angela’s Goth!

I come from a large, extremely hardworking family which explains my go getter attitude. For example, my father is one of nine kids and my mother is one of ten. I myself am the middle child out of five children. I helped start Rock n’ Willow with high hopes and big dreams to step away from corporate America. Having been in the pharmaceutical world for ten years it is exciting to take a break to express my creative side. Being able to have a job that you can say you truly love is a must for me!

Being Native American I have a soft spot for nature and animals. I wish I could take in all the stray animals in the world and adopt all the shelter ones. I find my true peace when I am at one with nature. I jump at the opportunity to work at a new venue, especially one that is outdoors with lots and lots of trees. My Salvadorian and Mexican side allows me to enjoy desert weddings as well!

When I’m not sitting in traffic rushing around town for all my lovely couples you can find my bedazzling just about anything, at the dog park, or at the local beauty supply store!


  • I don’t love make-up, make-up loves ME! If you ever have a doubt of what to get me, I always accept gift cards to Ulta and Sephora (hint hint!)

  • I have had dogs my whole life starting with my Yorkies: Barbie, then Buddy and Holly and their baby girl Pocahontas, to my Shih Tzu Betsey, and my newest addition my Maltipoo Bella.

  • Rose gold and blush were created just for me. I own just about everything in those colors and hope this color trend doesn’t go away any time soon!

  • I am proud to be Native American and absolutely love my heritage. My family is from the Chumash tribe originating in Santa Barbara, California.

  • I could eat Mexican food all day, every day!

From our first meeting it was clear that they wanted to help us reach our vision of the wedding, not anyone else’s. When you have family making suggestions every which way it is nice to work with people who reminded us that this was our day and to really go for the ideas that allowed our wedding to be an extension of our personalities.
— Ruben Leon, Groom

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