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    Victoria McCarthy-Wright
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    House of Mooshki are the biggest designers of vintage inspired short tea length wedding dresses in the world and have been designing with clients at our designer US trunk shows now since 2014. We concentrate on our niche and our collections are fully focused on providing short ballerina length wedding dresses.

    Since 2014, we have amassed a huge following of fabulous vintage and quirky brides looking for their short tea length wedding dress or even rehearsal dinner gown. World-renowned for our vintage-inspired 1950’s short tea length wedding dresses, our team work tirelessly to bring new and innovative designs each season. Each are available with so many customization that the world really is your oyster.

    Expanding to cover as much of the US as we can we are now hosting in New York and Los Angeles in 2023. Our Designer US Trunk Shows are always popular as they are a chance for you, and your bridal party to come along and have a one to one consultation with our designers. Not only can you try on our amazing gowns but you can also meet the team and custom design your dream dress. Each dress is made to order specifically to your individual personality and style ensuring that you are not settling for second best.

    We also now have a dedicated occasion wear line aimed at our very glamorous Mother of the Brides and we regularly hold joint consultations with both the bride and mum which are a delightful bonding experience.

    Friends and family are welcome and a lot of brides who visit us use the opportunity to have a girls city weekend break and an excuse to do more wedding shopping…not that an excuse is ever needed for any form of shopping.

    Our work helps us deal with brides of all ages and sizes and we love each and every one. Every single person is a different shape and size and therefore if we need to adjust bust shapes, waistlines from on the waist to drop waisted and lengths to suit the individual, then that's what we do.

    Nothing makes us happier than loading a plane with 60- 70 dresses and coming to the US to see our fabulously crazy followers who travel across many a state to be with us.

    How I cater to offbeat weddings

    What are we good at ? Well its not just about selling someone a wedding dress. Its about listening to you and figuring out how you want to look. Sometimes, what you see in your head doesn’t always work with your body and what comes with that is disappointment and despair. Many brides have a collage of dresses in their head or Pinterest board and when it doesn’t work for them sometimes for a normal store that can become a problem.

    For us, we look at each dress in elements and pieces.. almost like a jigsaw and our clients are advised of this from the get go. You might try on 10 different dresses, but we only looking at a small piece of it. We work all the pieces together to create something unique to you and your needs.

    We have worked with an array of customers across the world with disabilities, lumps and bumps… parts of the body taken away. Every one of us hates certain parts of our bodies and have things we would rather hide and show off so we work with you on this to make sure you are not conscious on your big day. This is one of the most important days of your life and we are a big part of that.

    Each dress comes with so many customisations and also in whatever size it needs to be. We never restrict on sizing because to us, you aren’t a size… you’re a set of measurements. We have plus size dresses, dresses in different colours, short, long, high low .. just about every different design anyone would needs to create their own gown.

    We have couples come to us and design their dresses together and we love this. We love all of our brides and work tirelessly to make each one feel like a million dollars. One of the biggest markets of ours at the minute is mature second time around ladies who are giving marriage another go. The market is totally under represented and we are striving to change this. On our recent trip to NYC, out of 23 brides we saw in the long weekend, 17 were in their 50’s. What comes with age.. is confidence and these ladies know what they want and that is amazing to work with.

    Every bride deserves to be the most important and beautiful person in the room. Every body, skin tone and confidence is different and working closely with you even though we are based in the UK is so important. Covid has opened up the world to the use of zoom and remote working but as we had been working this way for well over a decade, our processes in place to get you your dream wedding dress is actually just an initial email away.

    “Vikki, I am thrilled. I must admit that I was a touch hesitant to deal with an overseas designer and wondered if the additional logistics necessary would be worth it. It was totally worth it. From the first time I contacted you, you have been warm and reassuring and so knowledgeable.  The process was explained in detail and I took the leap of faith knowing that I wouldn’t be able to come in to the store if I had any problems.  I needn’t have worried. I now have a custom Alice dress that came out of the box fitting me perfectly.  In Bridal, that is unheard of.  The materials are gorgeous and luxurious and the built-in longline bra is genius.  You dropped the waist just a touch, which is so very flattering.  The vintage 50’s look is absolutely beautiful and not at all kitschy.  Am I gushing?   I feel like I am but I can’t help it.  If I were to advise US people looking for a 50’s wedding dress (or any of your other lovely offerings), I would say that Mooshki can’t be beat.  Going to the New York trunk show was so much fun and resulted in a gorgeous dress with a wonderful fit, at a reasonable price.  The support from the staff is divine and makes the whole process wonderfully simple.

    Thank you Vikki.  You have one very grateful bride.  I will send pics of me and the dress frolicking in Vegas in November. ” – Jen, who flew from Arizona to New York. 

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