Tribesmaid Dandido and her chuffed groom are just too damned cute. I love the little thumbs up. There's more groom wackiness, a mohawk fishtail hairstyle, a lightsaber bouquet, and a hirsute flower girl. It's kind of a wacky week here in the land of reader submissions, and I for one am all for it. Here's what bubbled up to the top of the Tribe, the Flickr Pool, and Pinterest in this week's Monday Montage.


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Tribesmaid MrCharlieBucket and her partner have matching parasols with which to march around. And you may recognize that awesome pantsuit from this post! Photo by Studio Noda Photography

Portal 2 Cake



Wedding Party!

my lightsaber bouquet

man and wife

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Tribesmaid Lolo's guests were entertained by this pipe and drum band while the wedding party was getting their photos taken. Now that's amazing downtime entertainment. Photo by Espresso Buzz

Howie and Lisa's wedding

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Comments on Goofy grooms, a fishtail mohawk, and the hairiest flower girl

  1. OMG, Jessica’s dress looks so amazing! I hope we get to see that whole wedding!

    Also, I’ve never really been one for mohawks of any kind, but Kzimmerwoman’s picture is honest-to-goodness awesome and beautiful at the same time, and I love it!

  2. OH, that blingy flamingo (flablingo?) definitely has a place in my life. Can’t wait to get on making a full battalion of ’em.

  3. Love the lightsabers bouquet! Especially since its pretty similar to whaty bridesmaids and I will be carrying in a few weeks. Glad I’m not the only crazy person who thought that a lightsabers hilt was so much cooler than a bouquet wrap. Haha

  4. I LOVE that picture of us right after the ceremony, strutting with our parasols! The photographer really captured the joy we were both feeling!

  5. LOVE the mohawk hair!

    Love how pretty Jessica looks and how in love they look. Really captured a moment. Awesome.

    Love the guestbook.

    Love it all!

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