Buy discounted wedding supplies during “back to school” season

Guest post by littleorangemonkeys

rainbow sharpies alternative wedding ideas from Offbeat Wed (formerly Offbeat Bride)Back-to-school deals are here! If you need crayons, colored pencils, markers, glue sticks, etc., for any and all wedding items, now is the time to score. I just scored four packages of ultra-fine Sharpies for a buck each — that's eight markers for $4. I need them for people to sign the guest book, and they're normally almost $3 a package.

It wouldn't have even occured to me to buy my Sharpies now rather than a week before the wedding, so I thought I'd share the epiphany with all y'all!

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  1. Good call! I love school supplies, there is so much potential in a new pack of markers. Even if I only use them to color code the calendar or make notes, it all seems more fun in color

  2. Love this idea. I made ribbon wrapped pens with this fake holly on the top of it and rat out of pens. I got a pack of a lot of pens for $1. Might have been a pack of 8.

  3. I bought 8 24 pack of crayons and 2 – 4packs of mini sketchbooks for 88 cents each. Now i have entertainment for all the attending children for under 4 dollars. Score.

    • I have been stocking piling stuff for the children that will be at the wedding. In addition to the crayons and other craft stuff, I have been ordering the clearance activities from Oriental Trading after a holiday. I thin k I have more done for 10 children than the rest of the wedding.

  4. Or stocking up after Christmas for things like candles, napkins, delicious candies. Mmmmmm delicious candies.

  5. Great tip! It also helps to buy a little after school begins (like the 2nd week of September) when they are really trying to clear the shelves for Halloween items (great time to buy candy for candy buffets…November 1st lol)

  6. This idea is so fantastic. I just bought tons of glue to make my DIY decorations. The back to school sales are great, and going with a teacher makes them even better. I went supply shopping with my Mom who is a teacher and we received a teacher’s discount on top of sales. If you have friends or family who are teachers bring them on your supply shopping trip.

  7. looking forward to november first for halloween supplies for our nautical wedding/general punkgoth goodness that feels more us than other times of the year

  8. Also after Halloween or Christmas you can buy string of lights cheap for decorations as well! And sometimes you can pick up table covers,napkins and cups to match your wedding colors as well. If your colors are red or pink best time to pick all decorations is right after Valentines season!! Hope all this helps anyone planning a bit ahead.

  9. I used this trick, but with Halloween clearance to find all kinds of awesome props for our DIY photo booth!

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